Thursday January 20, 2011



Rafe Mair Responds to Voice's "Worth" Editorial

Where does the Salish Sucker fit into the food chain?

Submitted by Rafe Mair


ell put and timely.


It reminds me of a cabinet meeting years ago when a Robert Bonner, then head of BC Hydro, was talking derogatorily of environmentalists and mocking those in a US project who were trying to save the "snail darter. This brought guffaws from all but Premier Bill Bennett and me. I asked Bonner this; "before they kill off the snail darter ought they not find out where that animal fit into the ecology and what its destruction and learning where it was in the food chain?"

My cabinet colleagues thought I was an ecofreak if I was, I still am and the question thus remains unanswered.



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