Sunday January 23, 2011


Police Blotter

Looking Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground  

Man found lying on Luckakuck in a very prone position





There was a 3-car pile-up at 10 a.m. at Vedder and Britton. An officer was called and arrived on the scene and reported that he "had a visual and it looks like everyone is out" of their vehicles.


Suddenly, one of the drivers, a senior with a history of pulmonary obstructive disease, began complaining of chest pains and an ambulance was dispatched to the accident scene. Thankfully no one else was injured.


Parking Lot Attendant Not

At 10:51 a.m. police arrested a miscreant who was skulking around the back of the Paramount Theatre in the lot. It's unclear why the male was arrested.


Tanks A Lot

Earls staff called police at 10:45pm to report that they had an unruly customer on their hands. He was refusing to pay his bill. However by the time officers arrived the East Indian male, 44, paid the bill and had left the area on foot with a female. One of the responding officers remarked that "If he is drunk then we should have a chat with Earls about their over-serving practices."


When police finally caught up to the pair and ran checks, the male had a cross-Canada prohibition from driving. So figuring that he was even too drunk to walk, officers called a taxi. Apparently the guy didn't take the taxi too far because the police ran into him again at the Echo Room and this time he was taken into custody and to the drunk tank.



At 11:01pm a driver in a black Chrysler 300 was putting on a little show with his car. An officer noticed and at the same time the driver saw the cop and hot-footed it giving police the slip. Police were so close to him that the managed to get 3 plate numbers and one of them noted that "We lost them somewhere. He'll show up again. He was performing pretty good there."


As it turns out, the cop was right and the vehicle was spotted about a half-hour later and this time the driver didn't get away.


No Kidding

A concerned person called police just prior to midnight at 11:34 p.m. to say that 2 parents were walking around with a 2-year-old that they didn't want. They were drinking and going to get some crack. A social worker from the Ministry was contacted as apparently said the parents should not have the child in this situation. Police scoured the downtown looking for them. One officer wanted to know if this was a child apprehension order, or not. It's unclear if the child was taken but, we hope so.




Hungry and Crazed

Before closing at about 9pm, police were notified of a shoplifter at Superstore who was taken into custody by store staff. Once in the office he threatened them and wielded a syringe. Staff called police back to inform them of the situation so they knew what they were walking into.


Sticks and Stones

A complainant called police to say he was attacked in the Save-on parking lot at 9:11 p.m. by a tow truck driver. He said he had a leg wound and the driver was throwing rocks at him. The driver left the area and police were dispatched to the scene however, the complainant was extremely intoxicated and wandering. Police became frustrated that the guy wouldn't sit still in one place and said "If he's not staying where he said he was, we're done." Officers eventually caught up with him sitting at a bus stop nearby and the tipsy talker said he no longer had an issue.


False Alert

Someone driving on Yale Rd. West heard an alarm going off at 11:16 pm the Service Canada building which used to be the old Harley Davidson dealership. Police reported building was "locked up tighter than a drum" and the source of the alarm a mystery.


Fight Needed Refs

Just before midnight a fight broke up at the New Mark on Victor involving several men and they waited for police to arrive and referee.


Woman In Harms Way

At half past midnight, a report came in of a woman being assaulted at Charles and First Ave.


Invisible Man

Someone reported a "man down" at Mary and Hodgins at 1:45 a.m. and when police arrived no one was seen lying down. It's unclear if the individual actually went into the hospital emergency ward.


Thief "Acts" Stupid

At approximately 2 a.m. a UFV staff called the RCMP to report a burglary in progress. According to the witness, a male was inside stealing items and putting them into a backpack. The first officer on the scene didn't know exactly where the theater was however he was directed there by dispatchers to the building. By the time additional officers arrived, the alarm had been triggered and a perimeter was setup.


Members spread out around the theatre and K4 Police Dog Services arrived. The staff who sounded the alert, had keys, and by 2:18 a.m. they were inside with the tracking dog. The building was searched and a jimmied window was discovered at the rear. The dog locked onto a scent and the track led outside across the field where it abruptly ended.


The officer, said the suspect most likely had a bicycle stashed there because the dog was unable to continue on the track. The suspect was described as wearing a black hoodie with a red backpack and RCMP spanned out in the adjacent blocks on the lookout for anyone on a bicycle. At 2:41am, police spotted a guy out for a leisurely ride on Yale Road. He was checked and found not to be the suspect.


Alone In the Dark, In the Night

At 2:12 a.m. a woman on foot called police to say that she was being followed by a vehicle. Mounties were dispatched and nothing more was heard about the incident. A description of the vehicle was not given. ***Ladies, be safe. Think smart and don't go out alone at night. It's just asking for trouble. Unless you're Annie Oakley reincarnate.


Warning And A Tow

Mounties pulled over a driver at Yale and Hocking Ave. at approximately 2:44 a.m. and the driver was handed a 12-hour suspension for luckily only blowing a warn. The vehicle was then only impounded.


Heater In Maw Truck

Police spotted a driver in a pickup truck leaving Industry Nightclub just before 3 a.m. and one officer noted that the guy was "all liquored up." Hopefully the guy parked it and got cab home.


Rude Awakening

A man called police at 4:39 a.m. to say that a Dodge Ram pickup truck was parked and running with no one in it in his driveway.


Better A Tree

A tree plowed into a car near Spruce Ave. at 4:47 a.m. Inside the smashed vehicle were four very lucky intoxicated fools including the driver. The good thing about this situation is that it was just a tree and an ambulance was called for some minor injuries.




Looking Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground

At 2:26 p.m. police were called when a man was found laying on the ground out front of the A&W on Luckakuck with his pants down. An ambulance was dispatched to see to the individual who was thought to have been drunk and passed out.


Driveway Ditching

A Prairie Central Rd. homeowner found an unidentified 2001 Saturn parked in the driveway at about 4:30pm. He said it was "cold and unoccupied". It was later established that the car had been stolen.


The Worst Hangover

At 10:17 p.m. a car driven by a woman who had been drinking slammed into a parked car on South Sumas. The woman was uninjured but found herself in a heap of trouble and we hope there is bus service nearby.


In Hot Pursuit

Mounties had to attend to bonfire that was reported at 11:51 p.m. on the west side of Chilliwack Mountain at Old Orchard. The fire was out on the flats past the boat launch. RCMP noted that there were vehicles parked along the road but, when an officer went in on foot to the fire, no one was around. The Fire Department was called in to extinguish the fire. VC's in the grass!


Popped Their Corks

After the pub closed fisticuffs broke out in the parking lot at Corky's Irish Pub. According to a report, some males were targeting a husband and the wife became involved. That was her mistake because when police arrived they took her into custody.



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