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Chilliwack Foundation dishes out over $91,000

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odd Harvey, Vice Chair of the Chilliwack Foundation and Chair of the Distribution Committee was at City Hall last Monday to dish out a total of $91,477.91.


Todd Harvey gives Elizabeth Grimaldi

a $4k cheque Monday.


"We received quite a number of applications as you can imagine from all sorts of different organizations. This typically happens in November and then again in May," Harvey told council.

"The other thing I should mention is that the foundation's budget is structured such that almost all of the income that's generated from these funds, that are donated, is then distributed annually."

There are no paid staff at the Foundation with the exception of auditors so it's all run by volunteers.

Harvey said the Foundation has already "committed another $100,000 to the hospital expansion project and "that commitment starts now in January 2011 and goes to the end of December 2014."


1. The Salvation Army Chilliwack - $10,087.61 for the purchase and installation of new kitchen equipment. Ian Pratt accepted the cheque.




2. 147 Airwolf Parents Society - $3000 for renovation of their decommissioned range, purchase building supplies, pay a licenced electrician and any permits. Vicki Briggs and Anita accepted the cheque.




3. AD Rundle Middle School - $5000 for The purchase of 15 laptops, a mobile cart and power bars to allow for a mobile computer lab for students. Greg See, Principal accepted the cheque.





4. Chilliwack Centre of Excellence - $4000 for the purchase of a new timing board for displaying timing and scores after each athlete has crossed the finish line. Elizabeth Grimaldi accepted the cheque.



5. Chilliwack Museum & Archives - $8,087.60 for the purchase and installation of compact rolling shelving. No one was in attendance to collect the cheque.


6. Chilliwack Hospital Project (Fraser Valley Healthcare Foundation) - $12,500 for building a new emergency department, expanding and integrating the ambulatory care dept and consolidating laboratory and diagnostic imaging. Harvey said "that completes the $100,000 commitment from the Foundation that was paid out over a number of years ending Dec 31, 2010". He added that the Foundation is making another $100,000 monetary commitment over the next 4-years. No one was in attendance to collect the cheque. Coun. Janzen took possession to pass it on.


7. Chilliwack School of Performing Arts - $7,700 for the purchase of technical equipment such as an LCD projector, wireless sound system and iMac computer with sound cards. Annette accepted the cheque.



8. Canadian Red Cross Society - $5,155 for the purchase of an automated washing machine for the cleaning and disinfection of returned medical equipment. Magnusson Ford and Christian Bates accepted the cheque.




9. Chilliwack Restorative Justice and Youth Advocacy Association - $1,800 for the purchase of computer, monitor, laser printer and applicable software. Dennis Muxlow accepted the cheque.




10. Chilliwack Academy of Music - $12,250 for the payment towards the purchase of two Yamaha C3 pianos. Graham Yates, Principal of the CAM, accepted the cheque.




11. Chilliwack Resource Centre - $3,500 for the purchase of a new or renovated copy machine. Mike Ball and Pat Pelosse accepted the cheque.




12. Chilliwack Arts and Cultural Centre - $3,397 for the purchase of furniture and fixtures for the lobby, office, stage, theatre and backstage area. Patti Lawn, Vice President of the CACC.


13. Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus - $15,000 for the purchase of 9 portable acoustic shells for the choir. No one was there to collect the cheque.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz thanked Harvey and the Foundation for the work they do in the community.

"It's such a pleasure to have you here in council chambers tonight and kind of the counter-balance to taxman cometh. Thank you to all the recipients of the awards this evening, we really want to say congratulations and taking the time to ensure that you had your applications in and you had them in on time and we wish you success with all of your endeavours," said Gaetz.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation here in Chilliwack, completely operated locally and administered. It was created in 1985 by a special act of the BC Legislature and the Foundation accepts donations typically from people in Chilliwack.

The donations are administered by the foundation. They're invested and then the funds are used either for specific projects that are designated by the person donating or the funds go into a general fund and the income from those funds is then distributed twice a year by the distribution committee and Todd Harvey chairs that committee.

Anyone can donate to the Foundation. More information on that can be found on their website here.

The next deadline for grant applications is May 2011. The committee will meet in June and cheques will be distributed in July.

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