Saturday January 15, 2011

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Green Party Calls For Police Accountability

Bloomfield: Police have become some kind of para-military police force

Submitted by Rebecca Helps, Green Party


fter reviewing video footage of the recent "arrest" by an RCMP officer in Kelowna, Green Party of BC deputy leader Julius Bloomfield commented "the time has come for the province to make substantial changes to the accountability of the RCMP to the public they serve." He added "It appears that the police have become some kind of para-military police force that is increasingly using unnecessary force when dealing with the public."

The arrest in question was caught on camera showing an RCMP officer kicking a man in the face after he seemed to be complying with the officer's commands and was in a kneeling position on the ground.

"This type of action is beyond reason and public acceptance" continued Bloomfield. "Even if the officer was in possession of information about the suspect regarding his use of a gun, the fact is he was in a defenseless position on the ground and there was an officer with a gun pointed at him."

"The fact that the suspect is recovering from a brain injury only adds to the disgrace of the officer's actions." Said Bloomfield, whose own son suffered a brain injury.

"We call upon Solicitor general Rich Coleman to use this time of renegotiation of the contract between the province and the RCMP to phase out the policing of the province by the RCMP and instigate the formation of a BC provincial police force that will be truly accountable to the public of this province." concluded Bloomfield.

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