Wednesday January 26, 2011

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Five Minutes Of Funk

Out with the old business and in with the new ones

Craig Hill/Voice


IA Executive Director Kathy Funk was on 98.3 Starfm Wednesday and spoke with radio personalities Scott and Lisa on the morning show. In case you missed it, the following are highlights from the conversation.


Service With A Smile

They're gutting the old HSBC building and Service Canada is moving in there with a whole pile of employees. We're looking forward to lots more shoppers downtown.

Service Canada is federal government and they'll have offices here and you'll be able to get passport stuff done there. So it's a really good thing for downtown. It's going to fill up our streets.


Envisioning A New Downtown

Then the old Envision building on Young and Princess (has) Sutton Business Centre coming there. Their leasing out all those office spaces and redoing that building. It's going to be great for downtown. So if you're looking for retail and office space downtown, Sutton is going to be coming and building a beautiful business centre and relocating their offices there.


So we're going to see things happening downtown pretty quickly here.


Just Bead It

Sparkling Ideas is a jewelry and bead shop and it's right downstairs across from the studio here right at Five Corners and Zlatana is a Russian lady who has got that business and she is bringing a lot of unique ideas from her country, from Russia. So, she knows beading and jewelry and has beautiful jewelry that's already made, which is great for gifts, but (she) also teaches jewelry-making and has all the supplies for it.

It's just a great shop to check out, they have as I say, all the supplies you need for jewelry-making and bead repairs. She also does small jewelry repairs as well, has beautiful silver and gemstone jewelry so it's just a great, friendly place to go and create something unique or buy something that's already made, which is the way I like it.


Donairs and Pizzas

The Donair Stop is just on Yale as you come over the overpass, kind of across from the Tim Hortons on Yale tucked in just in front of Corky's and Evered, the new owner there makes wonderful donairs and he said 'the thing with donairs is it's quick food but it's not fast food and I thought that was really neat.


They use fresh vegetables, he makes his own chickens for the donairs. Very healthy place to stop, but it's more than just donairs, he's also got pizza there.

If you stop in there this week and say that you heard us on Star today, there's a Star special there and so you can get a medium donair and pop for $6 and it's usually $7.50 so its a discount all week and the same at Sparkling Ideas, 10% off if you mention you heard us on Star talking about these two wonderful new businesses.


The Donair Stop is located at 8-45840 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC 604-795-0008



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