Tuesday January 25, 2011


Exporting Canadian Freedom

From NAFTA and gun control to basic human rights, WBP has their work cut out

Submitted by Clive Edwards WBP federal candidate

for Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon


anada is so far gone down the slippery slope of global feudalism that tweaks are no longer a viable solution. It is going to take nothing short of a moral revolution to save Canada. Since the cancer resides primarily in Central Canada and is nourished primarily by the West, the first requirement of saving what we can of Canada requires de-confederation. If we want a society based on individual liberty and freedom for all who accept the responsibility that goes with that freedom we need to build that country from the ground up.

Doug Christie, Bruce Montague's lawyer, is the founder and party leader. Doug is Canada's foremost Constitutional lawyer and a major supporter of constitutional rights through the Canadian Free Speech League. The Western Block Party advocates safe and responsible firearms ownership for self defense, hunting and sporting use without licensing and registration. In addition, abolition of so called human rights commissions, tribunals and similar kangaroo courts. Property rights need to be safeguarded. All men and women are equal before the law without prejudice, including the prejudice of race, religion, ancestry or sexual orientation.

To these ends, banking and taxation are in desperate need of revision. See here for information on one possible means of achieving a tax system that promotes fairness and liberty without the social engineering.

Canada will never achieve meaningful restoration of employment and sovereignty while manufacturing jobs are exported to third world and developing countries and resources are controlled by non-Canadians. Stephen Harper wants to continue to sell Canada out to global interests, note his proposed federal securities regulator which would take power away from the provinces and the citizens who are more able to influence local regulators. Canada needs to get back to bilateral trade rather than the multilateralism of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization.

We need to have control of our domestic economy.

Stephen Harper is no doubt following in the footsteps of nearly every prime minister since Trudeau when it comes to selling Canada out to global interests in exchange for wealth and position after leaving politics.

For more information on how you can support the Western Block Party, visit their website at: www.westernblockparty.com or e-mail Clive here.


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