Friday January 28, 2011


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Vaccinate Yourself Against Dystopia

Chilliwack author donates book sale proceeds to charity

Submitted by Michael Clarke


ocal Sardis resident Michael Clarke, author of Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities, advises that the unconscionable lack of widespread public outrage over the disastrous post-Copenhagen global climate talk collapse at Cancun, the expansion of the Afghan war into Pakistan, the expansion of the U.S. ‘security perimeter’ into Canada and the proposed adoption of the Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement profoundly demonstrates that the Canadian ostrich population has exploded alarmingly and is now at a threateningly high level.


Clarke warns us that “Widespread irresponsible complacency in the light of global climate disintegration and increasing state-sponsored violence around the world plainly shows that when events get too complex and confusing most people just bury their heads in their daily lives and don’t dare look up.

Unfortunately, such an attitude is guaranteed to produce an utter dystopia for our future. Citizens everywhere need to discover what’s really behind the Orwellian propaganda constantly spewing forth – such as ‘ethical tar sands’ and ‘economic globalization’ – in order to seriously wake themselves up from the psychological slumber our consumption-based culture lulls us into. Fortunately for those really interested in the future, reading my book is a great vaccination against the mind-numbing conditioning and infantilizing we are all exposed to every single day.

Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities is a powerful chronicle that efficiently demolishes society’s delusions in an onslaught of blunt reality! Because orthodox political and economic analyses only examine the subsets of the focal topics discussed in my thoroughly researched volume, they lack the objectivity and scope that’s necessary to portray our post-modern world accurately. My book is brutally honest and, for your own good, doesn’t dare hold anything back. Everything it predicted when it was published in March of 2008 has actually happened! Anyone’s potential for future survival will be enhanced once they’ve read it. It just doesn’t get more pertinent than this.”

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