Monday January 31, 2011

Police Blotter

Sniffing Paint Thinner, Shoplifters and B&E Artists  

What's happening on the other side of the barbed wire




Possible 68

t about 5:19pm RCMP received a report that someone had spotted a driver open the car door and deposit a beer bottle on the ground. The car was described as a white Pontiac Grand Am travelling northbound on Yale Rd. A police unit was at the McDonald's Restaurant and did not see the driver. No word on whether or not the driver gave them the slip.


Suspicious Male

A few minutes later at 5:36pm a report came in of an attemped B&E at a residence on Henderson Ave. According to police the thug tried to break into the home but the resident was home and entry was not gained.


The 6' "skinny" caucasion male was dressed all in black and wearing a black hoodie, took off running down Henderson towards the Young St. Market. An officer noted that it may not be possible for containment because there weren't enough members available at the time and there was a lot of foot traffic. A short time later police spotted someone "loosely" fitting the description walk in to a Bole St. apartment with two other males.



At 8:38pm a break and enter was reported in the Stoney Creek area.


Sniffing Paint Thinner

A man well known to police, was getting a little "rambunctious" after getting into the solvents just before 9pm. Backup was called in and EHS were called to attend.


Going Public

A man and woman were arguing outside on Lewis St. Police were dispatched to quell the uprising.



Supplies For A Grass Garden?

At just after noon someone stole some chemicals from a greenhouse supplier in Abbotsford and headed east on South Fraser Way. The registered owner of the vehicle had an address on Bole Ave and also in Hope.


Wrapped and Roped

At about 12:30pm a man was caught stealing in the bakery at Pricesmart. He put up a struggle and security handcuffed him on the floor.


Drunk and Disorderly Driver

Police were alerted to Mazda driven by a female who had been drinking and was driving over lawns. A citizen followed and kept police up to date on the driver's whereabouts. Police caught up to her on the Freeway and followed as she exited on Prest Rd. When she was eventually pulled over, her car was towed and it's unclear if she was arrested or taken to hospital.



Bi-polar Boyfriend

At 11:22 Mounties responded to a disturbance on Quarry Rd. after a woman called to say that an ex-boyfriend was pounding on the door wanting her to go with him. She was inside with her three kids and a current boyfriend. According to the woman, the ex has bi-polar disorder and was making threats the night before and police were also called at that time. The woman convinced the man to get some help from the doctor and before police arrived the ex left the scene in a red 1999 Toyta Tercel. He was pulled over a short time later on Yale Rd.


Some People Never Learn

A female shoplifter was corralled in London Drugs at Cottonwood Mall at about 11:46am. According to police she had an extensive history of theft.




At about 9:45 Monday morning a semi truck rear-ended a T-bird on the Vedder overpass at Highway 1. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.


Chilliwack Chop Shop

An officer was on Dyke Crest Rd. west of Ritchie Bros. at about 10:55am when he noticed a vehicle frame in the ditch. The frame, possibly a Toyota, had been stripped bare and nothing was left on it with the exception of the two rear wheels. Upon further inspection the VIN was located and it was found to have been stolen from the Chilliwack area.



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