Sunday January 30, 2011



Judge Ensures Baynes Have Quality Time With Kids

Ministry of Children and Family Development may snatch baby when born

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Paul and Zabeth Baynes at Chilliwack court earlier this year.


ell, we were hoping for a decision by Jan 19, but the Court wrote on the19th to let us know that Judge Crabtree would have his decision in either before or on the end of February. It was very disappointing when we had the
19th as a goalpost, but at least it will be in by the end of next month for sure.

In the meantime we have visits on Wednesdays for two hours in the community for dinner and on Saturdays at home for seven hours thanks to Judge Crabtree and his decision to have the home assessment done and ensure quality time for our visitations. We have all so enjoyed those times together at home. You can see the photos from the visits on my Facebook page.

Our concern right now though is that I am 36 weeks pregnant with a history of premature births and unless the decision from Judge Crabtree arrives prior to the birth of our new little boy, Josiah then the MCFD has threatened removal at birth. Considering we are awaiting a decision in the near future regarding our case this would be so very invasive of the MCFD.


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