April 18th 2010

Peg Leg Bar Cleanup Photo Gallery


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Woodtone is involved in a weekly program on Wednesday nights held at one of the local schools called "Party Central". The activity night focuses on inner city youth and underprivileged kids providing them with a safe place to play basketball, do crafts and hang out in a safe plus the kids get a hot meal.


Fraser Riverkeepers Executive Director and environmental lawyer, Lauren Brown Hornor, told the Voice that she got started on the Peg Leg cleanup project while cleaning up a spot in Vancouver.


"I met Michelle Cooper (Chair Community Builders Team) from WOODTONE three-years ago because I did a little bit of a cleanup somewhere down in Vancouver and she got started about how it might be great to collaborate with local charity and local business and really put something together that we can engage the community here to come out and connect to and feel part of and be sure of their local water body."


We are charged with protecting and defending the Fraser River and all the surrounding water," she said.


Hornor said the Riverkeepers chose Peg Leg because people in Chilliwack are acutely aware of how precious the river is and the importance of keeping the waterway healthy.


"There really is an incredible community here, a huge interest from the people. They live right on the river and just from my experience here and working with WOODTONE and the people that they work with, it's just gotten bigger and bigger bigger. Fishermen and all kinds of groups of people that recreate, use and live off the river here and benefit from it, so it seems that there is an incredible need for it given the importance of salmon to this community and the entire province," said Hornor.


Riverkeepers also plan on being involved in the "Get Out Migration" anti-salmon farming campaign beginning April 18th which will gather petitions from supporters around BC and then a group of marchers led by Alexandra Morton will take the signatures to Victoria. Hornor told the Voice that she will be speaking on stage alongside Morton in the May 8th rally where they will announce a new worldwide awareness campaign.


Hornor said she is working on a project called "Art in the Sky" where kids wearing coloured tees form a symbolic picture which is then photographed from a crane. She said they already have $5000 in funding secured for the project and they hope to have a local participation and is working on getting SD#33 interested.


The bins were donated by WSI and the drivers also volunteered their time.


WSI owner, Andy Rotzetter, worked up quite a sweat unloading vehicles and sorting through the junk. He figures he knows why there is so much trash on Peg Leg Bar.


"My theory is that dumping fees are $83/1000 kg. and the green waste and drywall (fees) also went up and that's one of the reasons why people come out here to dump," said Rotzetter.


If you go out into the back country this year don't leave a trash footprint behind you. Try and leave behind recreational areas in better shape than when you found them.


Revised News April 23 following press release.

"Previous year’s Earth Day Pegleg Cleanups resulted in approximately four tonnes of waste materials recovered in 2008 and 11 tonnes in 2009. This year, we were happy to see no large items like vehicles, however over 8 tonnes were removed – 3.6 tonnes of garbage and 1.5 tonnes of scrap metal for recycling!" said Mary Woodbury in the press release.



Supporting Businesses


Waste Services Inc. at 34321 Industrial Way in Abbotsford donated the roll-up containers and the trucks to move them.

Rotz Disposal rakes, shovels, coordinating supply and hauling of the bins.

City of Chilliwack gave a $100 grant and supplied bags and safety vests and also paid for the dumping fees of the trash that was collected.

Fortins Hardware at 5674 Vedder Rd supplied the gloves.

Preserved Seed at 45859 Yale Rd. supplied tea and cookies.

Tim Horton's donated coffee and Timbits.

The Young Foundation donated cash which was used for transports.

Valley Tank & Container Services at 1A-7906 Enterprise Drive provided the porta-potties.

United Tool Rental supplied the rolling magnet.

The Chilliwack Water Store brought the drinking water.

Watson Gloves donated the gloves.

Fortin's Home Hardware donated the kid's gloves.

Hawk FM gave air time, community announcements, on-site interview and various promotions.

Pro-Fab Manufacturing for the ATV and trailer.

Shaw TV for onsite interview and promotion in the community.

Valley Voice online news for events announcement, on-site interview and various promotion.



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