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  Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 


Veterans News

Bill C-378 Falls Short Say Veterans

Open letter to Robert Dekker Conservative Party MP

By Tex Leugner, Cochrane, Alberta


John Labelle, Super Annuity campaign coordinator presents letter from the veterans to Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.


r. Dekker, thank you for your response. Contrary to what usually happens, it was a pleasant surprise to even receive a response.

Now for my rebuttal; I disagree that Bill C-378 is a step in the right direction. The three statements that form the basis of the Bill is nothing more than the treatment that any Canadian should expect from its Government in terms of basic rights (as also outlined in the Veterans Bill of Rights presented by Harpers government many years ago).


Although I understand that a private members bill has the limitations that you alluded to, Bill C-378 doesn't even come close to addressing the issue, a return to the non taxable, funded for life, War Veterans Pension Act that should be made available immediately to our Afghanistan war veterans. (And every war-wounded veteran in Canada thereafter).

The simple crux of the matter is an acknowledgement that Canada owes a sacred obligation to it's returning solders from every war and for every generation of soldiers. It's as simple and uncomplicated as that!

I have highlighted my questions concerning Bill C-378 below and would appreciate your response.

On the topic of Trudeau's response to the question by a wounded veteran in Edmonton some days ago, I have only one comment: How dare Trudeau tell a wounded Afghanistan veteran that "no money is available to help veterans", while for the past two years, the Trudeau Government has provided billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries, provided millions of dollars to Hillary Clintons campaign, made terrorist Khadr a multi-millionaire , given millions of tax dollars to poor Bombardier to 'repurchase' Quebec votes and taken tax dollars for an illegal island vacation courtesy of a wealthy donor. etc. etc. (See attached), Every penny unjustified! I could fill a page!

I wonder how many Conservative Members of Parliament are challenging Trudeau about these despicable behaviours??


From: Tex Leugner

From record-setting reckless spending to terrorist payouts, Justin Trudeau has never met an issue he wouldn't throw money at. Unless of course you're a Canadian that actually served their country.


In a now-infamous town hall from last week, Trudeau decided an appropriate response to a Canadian soldier and war hero that lost a leg was to tell him that he and his fellow veterans were "asking for more than we're able to give right now."


All this from a man who has no problem cutting a $10.5-million check to a convicted terrorist, and takes $215,000 tax-payer funded vacations on private islands owned by billionaires.


In the National Post, John Ivison rightly points out "In truth, there are no gods and precious few heroes on the veterans file... Both Conservative and Liberal governments have been defendants in the Equitas case, in which Ottawa maintains it has no legal obligation to its ex-soldiers."


All this is true, but with Trudeau promising the moon and stars to our veterans-in order to fulfill his lifelong desperate push to fill his father's shoes-he may have finally picked the wrong group of Canadians to lie to.


Forcing Trudeau to be accountable to his word is a near-impossible task, but for the right cause, it may just be possible.


The truth is, when it comes to our veterans, we have more than enough to give right now. Now that's something that all of Canada, and "peoplekind" can get behind.

National Citizens Coalition



From: Robert Dekker, Conservative Party MP (photo)


Dear Mr. Leugner,

Thank you for your email regarding Bill C378, An Act to amend the Department of Veterans Affairs (fairness principles).

Addressing first Equitas and the New Veterans Charter, the NVC was brought in by the Liberal government led by Paul Martin. All parties are responsible for the charter being passed as quickly as it did through the House of Commons and the Senate. It was only after it was passed and in place did the limitation of the Charter come to light. After these limitations became apparent, why did the Conservative Government not immediately scrap the NVC and return to the old pension act??


The Equitas lawsuit would have never needed to be brought! To my knowledge most of the Conservative MPs then serving, voted in favour of the NVC, these members could have and should have demanded a reversal of the NVC legislation once the limitations became obvious?? Under the leadership of the Minister of Veterans Affairs prior to MP O’Toole, the Conservative’s relationship with Canada’s Veterans was damaged. Mr. O’Toole put the lawsuit from the Equitas group in abeyance and leading up the 2015 election had introduced legislation that would have greatly improved the benefits of our veterans. This was all too little too late after 9 years in Government, 4 or 5 incompetant Ministers, the firing of our only competent and caring Veterans Ombudsman; I could go on and on!!

Last summer as Mr. Brassard went across Canada talking to Veterans it was acknowledged the treatment our veterans received under then Minister Fantino was not acceptable. The listening tour to Veterans was a continuation of the work Mr. O’Toole had started, work that was acknowledged by the Veterans.


Feedback was given that condemned what the Conservative government had done, but it was heard that veterans were pleased to have the opportunity to talk with Mr. Brassard and Ms. Wagantall (Deputy Veterans Affairs Critic). I attended the Calgary meeting and appreciated the opportunity to express my opinion. Veterans were concerned that the Trudeau government was not listening and had decided to continue the Equitas lawsuit.

Bill C378 is designed to address fairness principles (see my comments above) that have been adopted in the UK Military Covenant. C378 also echoes back to the words of Sir Robert Borden. C378 does not go the full distance in establishing a Military Covenant for Canadian veterans; it is but a first step. Restrictions on what a private members bill allows do not permit to do that. Mr. Brassard believes that a Conservative government would create a made in Canada Military Covenant.

For now, C378 ensures that Veterans, their survivors and dependents are cared for and that every decision the Minister takes considers the well-being of the veterans and their families.

The second hour of debate on C378 takes place this evening with a vote expected a few days later.

Thank you for the work that you do in fighting for veterans across Canada, it is only with voices like yours that the government, current and future can improve the lives of veterans when they have completed their service.

Thank you
Rob Dekker




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