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Thursday, Feb 8, 2018



Dog Day Afternoon

The real dirt of how print media is attacking online news using  scumbag tactics

By Voice staff


Paul Henderson is in the centre of the excavator bucket gawking at other people's kids while we adults were gabbing.



pparently print media reporter Paul Henderson, the guy with the weird hair, is at me again declaring on Facebook The Voice, specifically myself, are not media.


Geash, once again, I have to waste my time with this Henderson character. He won't lay off. It distracts me from what I'm doing. It's 1 am and I'm tried. But I want this out of my hair.


Obviously the guy is like a little kid jealous that some other kid has an ice cream cone and he doesn't.


You can read what Henderson wrote to me here in 2016 on Facebook. Scroll down to the screen shots. This is a guy I've stood should to shoulder with in media scrums. There's strong language so if you're easily offended then you probably wouldn't want to read this. Keep in mind that this is a guy who writes your news.


Apparently, he wants to be the only game in town and would do anything to try and make that happen.


This guy is still going at it as I write about it here in 2016. He's relentless in his character assasinations.


He's not playing with The Voice reputation, he's toying with his print media rag which is slowly fading into the past.


The cunning Henderson sent a link to his Facebook rant which wasn't accessible to me, so I asked someone to check it for me and they snapped a shot of his ranting and raving.


After ten years of covering local news it's of no concern what Henderson thinks about  anyone else.


Also in that same post he lashed out at former Chilliwack radio personality Don Lehn. His words screamed off the page as he ranted. "They're not media," he wrote.


I've seen a side of this guy in ways Voice readers haven't. This guy is so full of hatred, he's actually evil. A  piece of work.


You'd think this guy has better things to do than spending his days worried about what someone else is doing. You'd think so. But that's not the case.


Just looking at it you could see that this guy is about as unprofessional as any reporter could possibly be. Not only does he have zero class, but he's a child.


Speaking of children, nothing is sacred to this guy and he's been running around trying to label me as a child molester.


From my perspective, he's been doing his best to make me his patsy in order to gain access to other people's kids.


Another view of Paul Henderson playing with other people's kids in the centre of the bucket scoop. What the hell is this guy doing? Below, a happy looking Henderson.


By spouting how I'm a child molester, he is gaining access to kids simply by telling parents and groups that I'm a child diddler. Therefore they think he's okay because he's so watchful and aware.


I have little spare time but I wondered about his motive for the attacks and that's the only thing I can come up with. That he's using me as his patsy and hence throwing any suspicion away from himself.


One of the local paramedics asked if I could provide him with some of the photos I've taken over the years. he saved my life. I can't wait to give him a disk or two f the guys and it's taking weeks to sort through the files. Some of these guys I've taken photos of for years.


In 2012, some heavy duty equipment was on display at City Hall. We adults were gabbing on the steps of the building while kids scampered around on the equipment.


When I got to those two photos from that day, I did a double-take. There was Henderson with kids on the equipment. I instantly had an epiphany. I suddenly knew what he was doing.


When I saw those photos, it all came together for me. Here he is yammering about me being a pedophile when there he is, playing with other people's kids.


When the demented attacks from Henderson began, I looked at this Facebook page and the photos were all of kids. All of them. There were a couple of unicorns and rainbows. But 99 per cent were of children.


Henderson taunts at 1:30am with an email link (bottom) knowing full well I couldn't access it.


The next couple of days after he began his attacks the photos were all removed.


I don't know if they were his kids. I don't know Henderson or his family.


We all know that the bad guys are the ones who call the police first. The cops aren't stupid, they know this.


After reporting on crime for the last decade the criminal mind never ceases to amaze me.

There's a name for it. It's called "swatting" a common practice among drug dealers who call the police and say one of their rival gangs have guns either on themselves or in a house. So then the Emergency Response Team goes out. They have to whether the report is true or not.


Same thing with Henderson. He thinks the world is stupid and he's the only smart one. He's only a grunt reporter. He's not some kind of God.


I responded in an e-mail to Henderson's "they're not media" rant that he was right. I'm not media the community is. If you've noticed, most of the items on The Voice are written by other people. Everyone can write. I just publish it. That's what I trained in college to do.


I set type in Yaletown in Vancouver for years, produced a couple of small newspapers, cut my teeth on magazine production crews. I'm not a graphic designer. I have been told that I can really write by some names in Vancouver, but I don't agree. I'm just a hack reporter for an insignificant online publication here. Just a small community news website.


Not a big deal. I'm not interested in any glory. There's no glory in standing out in the rain at 3am, coming back, spending hours editing the photos and writing something about it and not putting my name on it. Not interested in fame and fortune. It's just a community service. I don't dispute his raving about how I'm not media. The community does all the work I just assemble into a palatable format.


There's a lot of jealousy in the community and it seems to dictate to people who have no idea what it takes and the sacrifices someone makes to provide this kind of service.


I'm a good guy. I'll take the shirt off my back for someone and all they have to do is show respect and like me. Being a people person I enjoy having fun and laughs with people and rarely taking anything seriously.


So rather than sitting around eating chips, sipping pop and watching reruns of Oprah, I take my personal skills and give it back the best way I know how.


A semi ran over my legs and in the past. I sued and lost everything. You pick yourself up and start fresh. More recently I'd been having seizures. The last seizure was a year and a half ago and they had to resuscitate me. I woke up the next day with one hell of  a headache, broken teeth and a bashed head. Despite that, I continue to give it my best shot.


Eventually, I'll hand the reins over to some college student interested in publishing who can take The Voice a step further. On the entire planet, there is only one Valley Voice News and it's here in Chilliwack. We're being seen by people from all over the world. I'm sorry they are reading this garbage. But it needs to be put out there so some people in mud huts in China can see it. I can tell you what small villagers do to child molesters in China but I won't here, it'll make you sick.


I don't have to prove myself to an immature child like Henderson. Voice readers should be aware of a side of this guy they'd never see otherwise. These silly attacks don't bother me. He can say what he wants. But it is getting old. I know Voice readers want some perspective. Well here it is in black and white.


He started with the pedophile remarks and is still continuing with his malicious fanatical attacks. Again, I'm not worried about my reputation. I just do my thing. But for some reason Henderson wants to be the only game in town and seems happy to lash out at anyone he feels threatened by in his field.


He threatened me when I asked him if he was leaving "the" kids alone. He took it to mean his own kids and threatened me that I "wouldn't see it coming."


I'm very serious when I suggest to keep your kids close when you're around this guy.


I've never challenged him or said anything or to him. I preferred not to deal with him because he's simply not someone I would have as a personal friend or even show some camaraderie with. It doesn't make me bad. It just makes me human. I feel he's some kind of psychic vampire.


Saying things like I'm an old lonely man with internet access is immature. This is a guy who writes your news. Go figure.


If I'm an old man with internet access then he's a raving lunatic with a vocabulary. The hair doesn't convince me that he's cool. He's hiding some deep dark secret under it. The kind of monster your parents told you about when you were a kid. The Boogey man.


I'm not an angel and have done and said dumb things but I'm not a relentless maniac. You show me someone perfect and I'll show you a liar. Once I've expressed myself then it's said and done. It's embarrassing to write about this. But look at this guy. He's crazed and wild and has to be stopped. You'll notice that I haven't asked to be believed or not. This is simply a report from a grunt reporter. Now back to work. I've spent enough time on a maniac.


Newton's law says: for every action there's an equal reaction.


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