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Saturday, Feb 10, 2018


The Hunt

Local "treasure" group thanks their own

By Voice staff/Photo submitted


Finishing in first place overall in 2017 as Hunter of the Year is Jamie Ovens (l) with Fraser Valley Treasure Hunter founder Mark Lewis.


ne day it's there a twenty-year-old gold ring. Another day an old silver coin pops up. Sometimes it just a rusty nail. One thing you always get is exercise and some dirt under the nails.


Mark Lewis and his gang of Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters (FVTH) go out when they can ISO of anything of value and then get together monthly to show off and perhaps beat out the competition for bragging rights and the occasional trophy. Some of the meetings are fun pot lucks and laughs.


FVTH are a close-knit group of dreamers. A great bunch who love getting out with their magic wands. They wouldn't want to do anything else. Maybe one day they'll come up with that illusive gold nugget that dropped out of a gold panner's trail pack back in 1858.


Sometimes they sweep through the piles of sawdust at elementary schools removing sharp objects. It would be a wonderful score finding an injection needle.


Even if you don't get anything it's always good exercise.

"We had our meeting last night and Gave away 3 Trophies' for Hunter of the Year 2017," Mark Lewis told The Voice in an e-mail earlier this week.

First Place: Jamie Ovens

Second Place: Dennis Augustynowicz

Third Place: Bob Glover

"The participants accumulate points throughout the year by showing their best find for the month and becoming Hunter of the Month or 2nd or 3rd. You get 3 points for 1st, 2 Points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd," he said.


Dennis Augustynowicz (l) is awarded second place trophy.


Learn more about FVTH and see some YouTube clips here.