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  Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 


Courting Mean

Spike bullying campaign February 9-28

By Volleyball BC


Volleyball BC website photo.


ast year, viaSport conducted a survey among its provincial sport organizations and the results were startling:

• 94% believe sport bullying is a serious problem that needs to be addressed
• 55% know of athletes who have dropped out of sport because of bullying
• 44% know of officials, coaches, managers, board members and other volunteers who left a sport due to bullying

Because of these issues in sport, this February, Volleyball BC and Canuck Volleyball have teamed up to bring attention to bullying in sports by running our second annual Spike Bullying campaign.

During tournaments, from Feb. 17-25, Volleyball BC referees and staff will wear pink, Spike Bullying T-shirts at the tournaments to bring attention to bullying in sport. Teams playing in the events are encourage to show their support to standing up to bullying by wearing pink to tournaments and posting on social media.


“Last year we ran a very successful Spike Bullying campaign, which focused on showing one of our most valuable resources, referees, more respect and reminded people that they are human,” said Ian Esplen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Volleyball BC. “This year, we wanted to expand that message to include respecting teammates, coaches, players and opponents, because after all, referees aren’t the only ones who are bullied on the court.”

“Bullying in sport happens on all levels and chances are, you’ve either seen it or unfortunately experienced it, and that’s why we wanted to tie in more than just referees into this year’s campaign.”

How You Can Spike Bullying
Because providing support and respect for one and other is the easiest way to stand up to bullying, Volleyball BC will run a contest on Instagram and Twitter during the month of February asking teams and players to post a photo or video completing one of these simple sentences:

To me, respecting my teammates means….
To me, respecting coaches means….
To me, respecting referees means….
To me, respecting opposing players means….

When posting, please use the hashtags #pinkshirtday and #SPIKEbullying and you will be entered to win $300 dollars for your volleyball club team to put towards a team building activity – Winner must be from a club that is active in Volleyball BC’s database.

Contest will run Feb 15-26, with the winner being announced on Pink Shirt Day, Feb. 28, 2018. The winning post will be determined by Volleyball BC and will be judged on originality, message, team participation and impact.

Shining a Spotlight on Bullying
At one time or another, nearly everyone has thought about giving up or stepping away from sport because of some form of bullying.

From Feb. 9-28, Volleyball BC will be doing a series of stories and social media posts to shed light on players, coaches and referees who have experienced bullying while on the court or off of it. By sharing these stories, we hope it helps people being bullied realize they are not alone and helps others recognize when someone is being bullied, so that they may step in and let the bully know that their behavior is not alright.

We encourage all athletes, coaches, administrators and referees to read and share these stories within their inner circle on social media to help educate themselves and others on what other people within our sport have been through, how these experiences have made them feel and how these experience have impacted them.

Spike Bullying Tournament Lineup
In 2018, our Spike Bullying Campaign will take place at 12 events in five cities and reach more than 4,000 athletes between the ages of 12-and-18 years-old.

Feb 18- 15U Girls Island Playday, Nanaimo
Feb 18- 16U Girls Island Playday, Nanaimo
Feb 17 & 18 - 12/13/14U Boys, Super Spike, Kelowna
Feb 17 & 18 - 17/18U Boys Super Series, Kelowna
Feb 17 & 18 - 17/18U Girls Super Series, Langley
Feb 17 & 18 - 17/18U Girls Super Series (“A” ONLY), Burnaby
Feb 24 & 25 - 15U Boys Super Volley, Burnaby
Feb 24 & 25 - 16U Boys Super Series, Langley
Feb 24 & 25 - 12/13U Girls Super Spike (“AA” & “A”), Nanaimo
Feb 24 & 25 - 14U Girls Super Spike (“AA” & “A”), Nanaimo
Feb 24 & 25 - 16U Girls Super Series (“AA” ONLY), Kelowna
Feb 24 & 25 - 16U Girls Super Series (“A” ONLY), Kelowna (Okanagan)

Wear Pink, Buy a T-Shirt or Make a Donation to Pink Shirt Day
Volleyball BC fully supports the work being done by Pink Shirt Day to raise awareness of bullying issues, as well as raise funds to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem.

We encourage teams and players to support their cause and make a donation or purchase a pink shirt for $10 each (discounts available on orders of 10 or more) and wear them at the tournament and during warm ups.

Other ideas for how teams/players/coaches can show their support to standing up against bullying include:

• Pink hair dye
• Wearing pink clothing
• Pink shoe laces
• Pink headbands
• Post signage supporting Spike Bullying, standing up to bullying and Pink Shirt Day
• Talk to your team about bullying and respect in sport


For more information about spike bullying, visit here.



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