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Tabor Village Annual Prayer Breakfast inspires Seniors

By Dan Levitt, Tabor exec. dir.


Cst. Bob Rich with the Abbotsford Police Department spoke about support qualities at Tabor Village.


he Annual Tabor Village Prayer Breakfast in February attracted over 50 people from the community: public officials, business leaders, church leaders, non-profit organizations and seniors. Together, the morning offered inspiration and prayer for those who serve others to enhance their lives.

Chief Constable Bob Rich, Abbotsford Police Department delivered the keynote address which focused on bereavement and supporting those who support others through trauma and grief. His message was thought provoking and well received by the audience:

• How people understand the world around them is based on their lens of the reality they experience.
• There is a struggle between good and evil and on some days evil prevails.
• Death is part of our story we all have an end date.
• Embrace the reality that others need your support.
• We are walking alongside each other on the life journey together.
• Be authentic and willing to take risks that lead to genuine relationships.

“How we experience loss, how we rejoice and how we grieve, how we serve, how we care, how we pray, and how we overcome says a great deal of how we care for seniors” stated Dan Levitt, Executive Director, Tabor Village”. Levitt continued, “I've witnessed firsthand and met seniors who've withstood loneliness, helplessness and boredom things aging can throw at you, but the one quality all of them seem to share is an ability to maintain hope for a brighter tomorrow, even when the mountain they are climbing appears insurmountable”.

“There is an expectation among today’s 60 and 70 year olds that the present-day option to receive faith based care in a residential setting will be there if and when they need care, declared Hildegard Bandsmer, Chair, Tabor Village. “But that is an option that cannot be taken for granted. It is time to rebuild outdated residential care settings, creating new complex care residences to preserve that faith based option for the future.”


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