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  Saturday, Feb 10 2018 

Your Voice

Who Made Them Jury

No place for guns in the community

By Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author, Chilliwack


often wonder if it is just and safe to have a jury at all in our judiciary system. Would judges not be more fair? A group of people often give in to one person among them.

I remember when I was responsible for a group of seven Japanese students to improve their English and orientate them to local Canadian life style and history. I found families to host them but unfortunately could find only two young families and only one of them with young children. The rest were all grandparents.

I was given a curriculum with textbooks to teach English and guidelines for picnics, tours of historic sites and museums.

One girl was angry and infected most of the others with her discontent about almost everything. I guess what I am saying is one bad apple can spoil a jury also.

I think a jury should give advice but not have the role of judging.

I was brought up to be pacifist. We did have a 22 to kill gophers. I disagree with that now.

That SK farmer who shot a gun to scare off unwelcome visitors was at fault. He could have befriended the young men, even if they were drinking. All youth get noisy at times and need our love and respect.

He should have been a friend and neighbor of their parents too.

The Republican approval of firearms is a very bad example for Canadians to follow.


Another reason Indigenous people are angry is regarding boarding schools. The English nobility and parents who worked overseas such as in India, sent their children to boarding schools and thought that was quality education. It was overly strict, and corporal punishment was the norm. Not only Canadian indigenous children were treated that way. Even Charles, Prince of Wales was, and his character was institutionalized and damaged thereby.  He was a poor husband but his sons have helped him mature.

I am glad that the Trudeau Liberal government has split the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs into two.  The former Minister of Health is responsible for one part.  There are too many complex issues for one ministry.  I hope now that housing, water supply, sanitation and transportation will get funding.  Generous funding in the past got used up with planning meetings and by costly travel to distant reserves.

Building of a network of light railways would not be costly and would help get passengers, supplies and services back and forth.  Two way service could sell their produce and handicrafts.  Now their sons and daughters who want to see urban life, or go to trade schools/university cannot afford to return home for birthdays and holidays, and therefore they suffer greatly from alienation, often worse than what their parents suffered in boarding schools. Trains could put an end to women going missing.


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