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  Monday, Feb 12 2018 

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Light It Up

Let's bring the Paramount Theatre neon sign back

By Voice staff

few weeks ago I approached Kyle Williams, executive director of the Chilliwack Business Improvement Association (BIA) regarding bringing back the Paramount sign to Wellington Ave.

My thoughts were that it would inject some more life into the downtown area and something the community and businesses would likely get behind.

Williams really liked the idea. According to him, the sign is in storage. So now it's clear that the sign has been waiting for us to bring it back to life.

The most obvious place to anchor the sign is at 45960 Wellington on the Community Services building, a city-owned property, where there are anchor points available. Anywhere else on the lower structures and back bracing would be needed.

First mention of it on social media Sunday garnered overwhelming support.


The next step is putting it out to more people via The Voice.

It's an exciting project and comments included how it would bring back memories.

"This would be awesome! I watched my first movie there: How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I hope to see it up there again," said one person on Facebook.

This could be the biggest thing to happen in the downtown in many years because it's such a big part in the hearts of the community.

No one cares more about the community and downtown than Williams. He is the person who can make it all happen.

I just came up with the idea but this is a Chilliwack-wide community project and there is just one man who can make it happen and that is Kyle Williams. Let's back him.

You can write the BIA here and tell him why you want to see the that good old warm glow back on the street again. Keep your eye on the sky.


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