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Saturday, Feb 24, 2018

Crime News


Man Tasered After Tussling with Officer

Suspect stopped breathing at the scene

By Staff/Voice photos


The scene shortly after a man was tasered at Storey Ave and Vedder Road Saturday.


he crosswalk on Vedder Road at Storey Ave. swiftly became a dramatic crime scene around 2pm Saturday after a man allegedly tried to abduct a small child and then fought with an RCMP officer.


A witness told The Voice that when the man was confronted by the officer the suspect picked the cop up and threw him overtop of him and it was at that point the officer drew his weapon and tasered the man.


"Right there over his heart, bam," said the witness. "You taser someone there and it kills them. Then the officer kneeled on him and that may have killed him. He was a dead man by the time the ambulances got here. Apparently IIOC is on the way."


Witnesses speak with police after the incident Saturday.


"Maybe it was a custody thing," he said pointing at a woman talking with police. "She may have been a social worker with the mother I'm not sure."


Some of the suspects belongings at the Vedder Rd. and Storey Ave crosswalk.


The man was rushed to Chilliwack General Hospital. There is no word on his condition at this time. Watch The Voice for updates.


***** Please note that the witness comments may not match exactly what happened and are only a general outline *****





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