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  Thursday, Feb 6, 2018 

The Arts

Dreaming in Colour

Local artist demonstrates raw and beautiful art Feb 22 to April 2 at the O'Connor Art Gallery

By Mary Main, CVAA


onna’s, or Donya’s art, is known as Visionary Art which is a title related to self-taught artists. Her creations are a result of her adaptations within a style known today as Modern Art.


Donna’s paintings are an expression of her feelings, using acrylic on canvas.


She begins by thinking about a subject she may have seen or imagined. They begin with bright colours and the brush strokes express a desire to highlight her vision of what lies within the abstract thought.


Whether that vision is of an animal, a flower, or a person, the work is meant to draw attention to the parts of the painting that stir a feeling expressed by the colours and elements that lie within.

Donna originally worked with pottery and clay sculptures, and then changed over to acrylic painting in 1995.

Since 2004, her work has been accepted and shown in many venues including the Lobby Art in the O'Connor Gallery at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, in January 2016.


Feelings of Colour

Open Noon to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday, and up to one hour before some shows.

Meet the artist Saturday, February 24, 1-4pm

O'Connor Art Gallery, 9201 Courbold St.

Please support local Chilliwack artists and purchase paintings.


All showings are free to view.



Learn more  about the Chilliwack Visual Artists Association at their website here.




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