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The Forgotten

All Vets want fairness and their dignity
Wayne Helpard, CPO2 Ret'd/Voice file photo


Veterans march on MP mark Strrahls office July 2014.


want to thank you for your article A lump of coal for Vets. It seems that most people in this country only appreciate the vets at Remembrance Day Ceremonies. This includes most politicians. On Remembrance Day 2016 I wrote the following email to my friends and family:

I sit here thinking another November 11 is upon us and asking myself why I do not like this day any longer. I have been thinking about this for days now and have now realized why. I do not like Remembrance Day any longer because the Politicians have made it all about them. They use it for a platform to further their careers. They would cut each other's throats to get to lay a wreath or to speak in front of a crowd. Just for the photo op.

They walk around all sombre and give speeches that thank the Veterans for their sacrifices. All the while doing nothing for the veterans. After Remembrance Day life goes on for the Politician and the Veteran is put on the back burner again. There are other more important issues to deal with than the Veterans and they aren't going anywhere. (except to their graves)

From where I sit, the answer the groups fighting for the Veterans receive from the Politicians when asked a question is we are doing a study on that issue and when it is done, we will know how to move forward. Its amazing to me that they didn't
need in depth studies done when bringing in the refugees or when they are dealing with the Natives. They can make snap judgments on things they want done. Things that bring the most publicity and Veterans aren't one of them.  I am just rambling on now.

There are a few Politicians out there that actually fight for the Veteran but very few. I can count them on one hand if I dig hard enough. Veterans do not want anything they did not earn. They just want to be treated fairly and with dignity. I will be at a Remembrance Day parade somewhere in this great nation but it won't be for a photo op, it will be to Remember Them.

I like most Veterans, have no faith in our government any longer. It doesn't matter what party is in, They talk a good fight but that is all they do is talk. This present government has a chance to right the ship, but will they? No, they don't care about the Vets, they care about votes. The Vets numbers are not large enough to really matter in an election.

I wanted to thank you again for writing the story as it may help some who do not know what or why we are fighting so hard for.

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