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Our Golden Years

MP Kelly Leitch asked to erase RCMP and Vet clawback
John Labelle, Annuity Campaign Coordinator, Nova  Scotia


he Committee wishes to say thank you for your e-mail dated Feb 2, 2017. We appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion regarding the screening of all Immigrants, Refugees and Visitors to Canada.

We take this opportunity to advise you of our committee’s most important issue. The CPP claw back to our Military/RCMP Veterans service pension at age 65 or sooner if disable. Veterans believe that there are 2 types of benefits at play here: The first one are disable benefits that are paid by the tax payer. If you really want to assist our Disable Veterans and their Families, you as the Leader of the Conservative party must publicly identify that if elected you would take action to restore the Pension Act tax free Monthly income with other Benefits to our Disable Veterans and their Families. The cost of their Disability benefits are paid by the tax payers.

Our Campaign CPP pension claw back issue affects the welfare of our Veterans and their Families in their Golden Years. An easily solvable issue that could be solve by using the billions of dollars surplus in our Forces pension accounts. Veterans simply want their engagement contract promise to be honoured. We seek no retro active payments.

You should be aware that Bill C-201 would have resolved our issue. It failed because the former Prime Minister Harper failed to fulfill his election promise. "When a motion passes the democratic elected majority of the House of Commons, the Government shall honour that motion. "

Hon. Kellie Leitch, MP, the rumble that we hear in the Legion Halls are that Military/RCMP Veterans and Forces personnel are fed up with hearing the Political Bull Shit. Are we going to elect another President Trump? (O’Leary) If you wish to receive the support of Force Personnel, Veterans and their Families you need to Publicly, clearly state that, if elected Conservative Leader, you will resolve their CPP clawed back benefits during your first year in office. Our attached Campaign paper clearly identifies our issue.

In closing Hon. Leitch, MP, Eligible CPP claw back Veterans are now in their 70 and 80 years of age. 130 Veterans die daily across Canada. Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families simply ask: How many more years will pass them bye before the Government of Canada will provide them more than just lip service? You are aware that Military/RCMP Veterans and their Families have provided many unpaid sacrifices while serving our Country Canada. We only want our rightful benefits in our Golden Years.

Can you believe it? When a Veteran returns from duty and suffers from PTSD, his, her CPP disability benefits are clawed back from their service pension. SHAME! SHAME!

A reply from you personally would be appreciated and distributed to our Veterans.

For more information email John here.

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