Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 


Lake Grape

Speed the Plow

Ryder Lake residents dealing with mountains of snow
Peter Whitlock, RLFI



he City has cleared the path surrounding the Fire Hall to give fire truck access. To do that they have piled 5 to 6 feet of snow across the front of the Hall.


Both the Ryder Lake Farmers' Institute meeting and the Kid's Club meetings have been postponed a week.
The RLFI meeting will be Thursday Feb.16
The Kid's Club meeting will be Friday Feb.17

Herb Hinterberger has cleared some parking area on the other side of the mail boxes but only enough room if you park two to three deep.


Herb has also punched a hole through the wall in front of the Hall but there is still two to three feet of snow under the portico.

We could use a few volunteers with shovels about 6 pm this evening to clear the snow from in front of the doors and dig a path out where Herb has made a hole in snow wall. If you are coming to yoga please come early and bring a shovel.

I have advised the City there is a large event at the Hall on Saturday and we would appreciate some of our parking area made available. This will require a front-end loader to move this volume of snow. I am doubtful the city will get to this before Saturday.


If there is anyone in Ryder Lake with this type of equipment willing to take this on please contact me or Heather Werner the Hall Caretaker via email her here.  604 864 1662



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