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Buzzard Luck

Was Chilliwack elbowed out the way for an MRI Machine?
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f you based population size, and how far people have to drive to a hospital that has an Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI), Chilliwack would have been one of the four top contenders on the BC government's list to get one of the coveted machines.


Same with bookies, if they based their bets on a decision as to which happy municipality got an MRI, their money would have been on Chilliwack. Good thing, they would have lost their shirts.


New MRI's to be in place by 2018

Maple Ridge/PittMeadows - Population: 90,000 (2011) Maple Ridge to to Royal Columbia Hospital 20 km.

Nanaimo Regional - Population: 80,000 (2011) Nanaimo to Victoria General Hospital is 104 km.

Vernon Jubilee - Population: 40,000 (2011) Vernon to Kelowna is 44 km.

Surrey Jim Pattison Centre - Population: 468,000 (2011) Surrey to Royal Columbian Hospital is 21 km .

Chilliwack CGH - Population: 77,000 (2011) No MRI. Chilliwack to Abbotsford General Hospital is 34 km.

Kelowna General Hospital has an MRI, plus a private clinic called Image One.

Abbotsford General Hospital has an MRI, plus a private clinic called Fraser Valley MRI Center.


Pitt Meadows had 95,000 (2011) and a 22m minute drive to RCH. Other than Nanaimo, Chilliwack residents have to drive the furthest to an MRI.


By the government's own admission, people are waiting 40 weeks for surgery. The cost of an MRI is approximately $5M.


They say "a further 10 new additional MRI units will go into operation in the next two to three years."


No word if Chilliwack is on that list.


Chilliwack MLA's and Fraser Health have been silent on the MRI issue.



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