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Lord of the Rings

Lose a piece of jewellery and can't find it? Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters will try

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The owner of the lost wedding band in Langley holds it up to the camera after Daniel, from FVTH, located it under snow last week. Below, a happy husband.

ne Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them. Have you ever reached for something, like a watch or a ring, and find out it's not where it's supposed to be? As long as there's metal in it, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters can find itó or at least give it a heck of a try.

Mark Lewis, founder of Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, told The Voice over the weekend that one of their members located a lost wedding ring using a metal detector.

"I had a lady from Langley email the club and ask if we could help find her Husbands wedding ring," said Lewis. "I put the word out, and Dan was the closest one to the hunt area. I don't know how long it took him, but I do know it wasn't very long."

Lewis says if the owner of the lost item can point them in the right direction, then it makes the job a lot easier.

"It is great when the owner actually does know the place they lost the item," he says.

"Way to go Dan, great job especially under the weather conditions we are having this weekend"

Sometimes members of club find items lost recently, other times it may be a hundred year old coin. A lot of the time they go out together as a group because in some cases permission is needed to scan areas for metal objects, plus it's fun to get together with others of like mind for potlucks and meetings.

If you're interested in joining, visit their website here. Watch a fun and interesting 3 minute clip on YouTube here.


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