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Nature of the Beast

Elkford council bucks province wildlife officials and votes down a deer cull
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uesday, Elkford Council voted against a deer cull despite a provincial offer of $10,000 to do so.

"We are grateful to the Mayor and Council for making the right decision," said Barry MacKay, Canadian Representative, Born Free.  "We've been working since 2010 to stop the east Kootenay culls and we have always considered Elkford to be a progressive wildlife community." 

"Animal Alliance contributed $10,000 to the mule deer relocation project," said Liz White, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada.  "We requested that the radio collars purchased by our funds be used only for Elkford and Kimberley because the two communities had not culled deer that year and Elkford had only ever conducted one cull.

"We wrote to Council prior to the vote stating our interest in working together to try non-lethal resolutions," White continued.  "We hope Council will accept our offer."

Council's decision not to cull supports the municipality's website statement that "Elkford remains a place where nature prevails and humanity borrows a bit of space…''Wilderness' remains core to what the community is and wants to be."

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