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Abbotsford BC Premier BMX Series Races Feb 18
Vanessa Kroeker, Cycling BC


BMX riders in Abbotsford/handout photo.



ere comes the season. The first big roll-out BMX Series Race of the year is February 18 in Abbotsford.


The first BMX Series is drawing on the best riders in their age groups from around the Lower Mainland.


BMX riding is a huge sport. It's supported by Cycling BC who administrate cycling races in BC.


There's more going on than you may think. There's the velodrome in Burnaby and every mountain has some kind of off road trails. City's have parks designed for BMX. Just to name a few.


The event is organized by Abbotsford BMX.


What is BMX
BMX Races are sprint bicycle races on purpose-built, off-road, single-lap race tracks. The track consists of a starting gate (for up to eight riders) that leads into a groomed, serpentine dirt course that includes various jumps and rollers...and a finish line. Race points a
re determined from a riders' finishing position calculated over three separate heats (or motos). BMX racing develops and rewards strength, quickness and bike handling technique.

The sport is facilitated by a number of regional, national and international sanctioning bodies.Abbotsford BMX is sanctioned through Cycling BC, which is part of the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) and the International Cycling Union (UCI). Working together, these associations provide rules for governing conduct, age group and skill-level classifications. They also maintain the points-accumulation system over each racing season.


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This is a family sport!
BMX Racing is an exciting summer sport that the whole family can enjoy - for boys and girls, men and women of all ages. Whether a rider, spectator or track volunteer up close and personal with the action BMX offers something for everyone!

Riders are organized into separate male and female classes, and then subdivided by age group and skill level. The youngest age group is 6 years and under, and the oldest category is 45 years and over. Riders between the ages of 6 and 17 are divided by birth year, while adults (and crusier classes) are clustered into slightly larger age ranges.


Within each age class there are three skill levels novice, intermediate and expert. All riders start as novice and work up to more advanced levels, based on achieving a required number of wins (10 wins to move to intermediate, and then 25 wins to move to expert). A "win" does not mean in each moto--it means placing first in the rider's category at the end of the night, based on overall placing in each of the three motos.

Nobody has to sit on the bench in BMX, everyone can participate!



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