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Am I being Unfair to You?

Non-denominational theme this year organized by local Philippine women 

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All women are welcome to the Annual World Day of Prayer Friday at Eden Mennonite Church 46551 Chilliwack Central.

he World Day of Prayer is held once a year, always the first Friday in March. Each year women in a different country plan the program. Some men attend. All denominations participate, including Roman Catholic.

One or two from many (any) churches form the planning committee. 

We enjoy spending that time together every year, renewing fellowship.


When I was in India in my last station teaching nurses and broadening their public health outreach nursing, I attended a Church of North India church (which was originally a British Baptist mission). I noticed that there was an afternoon midweek fellowship group, attended by old ladies, but nothing for working women in the evening. I also noticed that there were many Christian professional women, even librarians, college professors and doctors. 

I lived with the English lady doctor. At Christmas time she received gifts of cakes from perhaps 50 people including Rotary Club members. She was a member. I suggested to her that we have an evening tea party at her bungalow, for professional and other working women. She agreed. 

We chose 5 PM Friday. We asked the church Peon (messenger) to delivery an invitation to every woman. 

About 30 came and we had a short devotional program and lots of sharing, chatter and food. 
Then I asked “Shall me meet again once or twice a month?”  The resounding reply was “once a week”. They chose the same time and place.


We elected an executive. Enthusiasm and good programs continued. 

We connected with the WFCS (Women’s Fellowship for Christian Service) headquarters in New Delhi. They sent us literature about the World Day of Prayer.  I told the ladies that I had participated for years in several parts of Canada. They quickly translated and printed it in Oriya, the official language of their province. That year, the church was full on the first Friday in March 1981.

The program had been prepared by Indigenous Women in Canada. It included turning in a circle, stopping to pray in each direction. They omitted that but loved the witnessing and prayers. 
This year Philippine women prepared the program beautifully. All Men, Women and Youth welcome.


What: World Day of Prayer
When: Friday March 3 at 1.00 PM
Where: At Eden Mennonite Church, 46551 Chilliwack Central Road at Broadway
Theme: “Am I Being Unfair To You?” Prepared in the Philippines.


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