Friday, Feb 17, 2017 

Street Seen

Music to Everyone's Ears

A walk down Wellington
Staff/Voice photos


f you're from Chilliwack, then you know Thor Leif Tunold.


He was out Saturday tinkling the ivories at his usual spot in front of the Royal Hotel. His flamboyant style not typical to ordinary pianists.


With icy hands on the old colourful piano, he stroked out quiet overtures and powered through out operatic melodies with ease. The sonnets far higher than my pay scale to know the names.


People trickled of the hotel and every now and then tucking a bill into his jar.


A small sign on the top of the piano had the word "Jesus" on it he explained. It was in some form of hieroglyphics I couldn't understand. That didn't matter, the Tunold's one of those rare a musical geniuses.





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