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Not at Our Lake

Shawnigan residents are happy, but is it too soon?
Voice staff


hawnigan Lake Residents (SRA) can breathe a sigh of relief—for now.


Following a statement today by the BC Minister of Environment (MoE), Mary Pollock, advised by her staff, denied Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd. their permit to set up shop for dumping contaminated soil near Shawnigan Lake.


Residents waged an acrid battle against the company to keep the soil away from the lake. In the end, it was the Cobble Hill who was responsible for their own demise.


"Today, our community received the news we have been waiting for. After four and one half years. Mary Polak, Minister of Environment, cancelled the Cobble Hill Holdings contaminated soil permit, effective immediately," said the SRA Association. "The SRA and legal counsel, will review all MoE documentation and communications and report to the community in a few days. Many thanks to everyone for their support and


The MoE required three documents and they only provided two. The missing third had to do with a Letter of Credit.


There was no language in the MoE's statement today that indicated Shawnigan Lake will be off-limits to any dumping plans in the future which means that any company could wade in and meet the three requisites in ordered to be allowed to dump there.


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