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Politicians Need to Listen Up

5 tips for a healthier lifestyle from Myrtle, 95.

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feel lonely and need feedback to feel encouraged. I am trying hard to get politicians to respond to my letters re the following:


1) To update their platforms to provide transportation and marketing for local and Canadian grown distribution of fruit, vegetables, etc.

2) To replaced fossil fuel with alternate energy, not suddenly but quickly. We are much behind Europe. Fossil fuels used in pesticides, city transit systems and highway widening, pollute everything.

3) To realize that agribusiness closes small family farms. Some should not be allowed to use fertile land. They need to be in separate ministries. Their needs are different and the family farmers lose their voice. Small farmers and their teen agers have to get second careers to make a living. Plus locally grown costs everyone even more than Imported produce from California and Mexico.

4) To reduce chronic suffering and Health Care costs by cutting back on the hierarchy of overpaid bureaucrats, and hiring more skilled professionals and technicians.

5) To control building of luxury apartments, require the total area in each to be reduced, but add another bedroom and second bathroom, to make new housing affordable for poor families.

Political parties send me e-mails asking for funding. I can’t give so I am ignored. Please help get these points considered and included in platforms, which are too vague. No wonder voting is down.

As for you my family and friends, some have said my e-mails are too long. Please respect and love me enough to read carefully. I have to multitask. Time is running out.

Have you ordered copies of my book yet?


About the Author and People Migrations

Myrtle Ida Schneider Macdonald, having all her life had a keen interest in history, realized that there were and are many important aspects omitted, or barely mentioned by all historians, whether Roman Catholic, Protestant or Secular, throughout the ages. She set out to fill in these gaps in one volume, succinctly, concisely and documented accurately. She was determined to correlate events happening simultaneously in every part of Europe and America. See more about the author in front pages iv - vi.

Here is significant history overlooked. The granddaughter of Christmas carol “Good King Wenceslas” of Bohemia/Moravia married Richard II of England. Her courtiers studying at Oxford University, became protestant through John Wycliffe who translated the Bible.

Through them the Chancellor of Charles University, Jon Hus believed, preached to thousands who eagerly sang hymns that he and others composed. In 1415 he was martyred. In 1457 the pacifist protestant Unitas Fratrum (United Brethren; Moravian church) was inaugurated and has had ongoing worldwide influence. Few historians mention that Huguenots (French Protestants) were major world explorers, ship builders, artisans, silk producers and manufacturers of bells. Because of the Inquisition (ethnic cleansing) they sought refuge in and developed many countries.

The history of Muslims is included in detail. Their thorough knowledge of Greek Classics was expanded especially in Spain, stimulating the Renaissance.

Macdonald took a keen interest in searching for and recording trends in the classics, science, architecture, art and music so as to help professors, teachers and their students, and the general public, gain a fuller appreciation of the implications of events and life styles of many cultures. There is much about the skills of indigenous peoples in Europe and America.

Dates are kept at the left on every page, as a visual aid to enable the reader to inter-relate events happening in other places at the same time, concurrently. The many cross- references help with continuity of correlation. The Table of Contents includes meaningful details. There is a Bibliography of 172 books and articles. Appendix B provides a complete list of maps.

Appendix A, Index and Catalog of Events, is almost a book in itself. Items are arranged alphabetically, but under them the lists are chronological. Thus more than three millenniums of surprising, inspiring history are included.


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