Monday, March 13, 2017 


Fire News

Thousands of Chickens Die in Blaze
Fire accidental say fire officials

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The chicken farm on Keith Wilson prior to the fire.


irefighters responded to a Five-Alarm chicken barn fire in the 43000-block of Keith Wilson Rd. early last Wednesday.

The blaze was reported to have erupted around 1:30am.

Forty firefighters were deployed and most of the available equipment from the Five Halls was thrown at the blaze, which did have some exposures.

It was all crews could do to prevent the blaze from sweeping into adjacent buildings.

By the time the inferno was extinguished, the main building was a write-off taking with it 6500 birds.

Mike Bourdon, CRM Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Prevention, said there were no firefighter or civilian injuries.

Bourdon, who also investigates fires, said the cause appears to have been accidental.

If you see a fire please call 911.


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