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Safe & Fun Family Day Weekend

Some useful info from BCAA and Ford Canada

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he British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) reminds drivers to rest up if you are taking a road trip this B.C. Family Day weekend.


A driver that is impaired by fatigue is just as dangerous as a driver that is impaired by alcohol.


How will you celebrate B.C.'s first Family Day? If you are planning a road trip to visit family or friends, remember to prepare yourself for the drive and rest up.


Unlike long road trips during the summer months, a road trip in the middle of February will have additional challenges for drivers.


Winter road conditions - rain, ice and snow, as well as the lack of daylight, mean that drivers have to be alert behind the wheel at all times.  Fatigue can impair brain and body functions as much as alcohol does, and a driver that is impaired by fatigue is just as dangerous as a driver that is impaired by alcohol.


According to Police reported data between 2007 and 2011, there was an average of 820 fatigue‐related crashes, resulting in 560 injured victims, and 17 fatalities annually throughout B.C.


BCAA reminds drivers to pay attention to the warning signs of driving fatigue - blinking or yawning frequently, inability to remember the last stretch of road driven, difficulty concentrating, slowing down, and drifting over the centre line or on to the shoulder.


Tips for avoiding driver fatigue:

    Plan ahead and get a good night's sleep before a long drive.

    Share the driving with other passengers, but not teen drivers.

    Take regular rest stops every couple of hours and do some sort of exercise.

    Eat light meals or fruit and drink water throughout the journey.

    If you do feel tired during the trip, a nap of twenty to forty minutes is an effective way of reducing sleepiness

 There are also normal, age-related changes in the amount of sleep, sleep patterns and sleep disorders that increase with age. The ability of healthy older adults to initiate and maintain a deep sleep decreases with age. This can cause fatigue and could be a serious risk for older drivers. There is also evidence that teens do not get enough sleep. A teen's lack of sleep may increase their risk of a crash.


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About BCAA

BCAA is one of the most trusted organizations in British Columbia, serving one-in-four B.C. households. With over 800,000 Members, BCAA provides an array of award-winning home, auto and travel insurance products and services, and roadside assistance. Members can also benefit from CAA Dollar rewards, savings on BCAA insurance products and exclusive offers at Show Your Card & Save locations throughout the province. BCAA has a proud history of serving British Columbians for over 105 years, over $400 million in annual sales, 27 locations and over 800 employees. BCAA has also received the 2012 J.D. Power and Associates award for "Highest Customer Satisfaction among Home Insurance Providers in Western Canada". To learn more about the benefits of BCAA Membership, visit For more information on the BCAA Road Safety Foundation visit


On the Road

Ford of Canada plays Cupid by offering 6 tips to keep the love alive this Valentine's Day

Some great advice for couple and cars

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hat if your car could help keep the spark alive in your relationship? Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited wants to remind Canadian drivers of some unique vehicle features and technologies that can put the brakes on common car-travel arguments and help make this Valentine's Day the most romantic ever.

In-car arguments can take many forms, including disagreements over speed, parking prowess, temperature control and navigation. In fact, according to a recent study out of Great Britain and published in The New York Times, nearly 70 per cent of drivers admitted to being involved in an argument in a car at least once a month; 18 per cent confessed they had in-car fights at least once a week.

No matter where you're headed with your sweetheart this February 14th, Ford of Canada recommends the six easy tips below to ensure you both arrive as in love with each other as when you departed.

Show me the way to your heart:

  • The number one argument-inducer on the road? One-third (33 per cent) of respondents said navigation was the most common point of contention; 85 per cent revealed the argument started when the driver refused to stop for directions.

  • Ford has a smart solution - don't get lost. The new MyFord Touch has an updated navigation system that's easy to use, simply enter your destination and Ford will do the rest. Or if you procrastinated and haven't planned the details for your date, simply say "I'm hungry" and MyFord Touch will list nearby restaurants. Choose one from the list on the screen and the system will automatically plot your route.

  • New 3D landmarks and junction views which deliver photorealistic intersection images, and state of the art voice recognition, can even help you to find a romantic spot to park.

Don't get hot and bothered:

  • Often the most heated conversations involve temperature control and compromise is no fun if one person usually ends up unhappy...and cold.

  • Nearly all new Ford vehicles feature dual zone climate control, so it's easy for both you and your soul mate to stay comfortable. Select Ford models even offer individually controlled heated and cooled seats.

Drive your partner wild:

  • No one knows how to push your buttons like your significant other, and no one is more likely to engage in backseat driving by pointing out your driving missteps than your loved one.

  • Luckily Ford's new vehicles have advanced technologies that correct bad habits, assist in stressful situations and impress your significant other with your improved driving skills.  Features include:

    • Curve Control, designed to help drivers maintain control of their vehicle when entering a turn. The system senses when a driver is taking a curve too quickly and rapidly reduces engine torque, ensuring the driver safely completes the turn.

    • Adaptive Cruise Control, which helps to minimize tailgating by monitoring the vehicle in front and automatically adjusting the speed of your vehicle accordingly, keeping a safe distance.

    • Active Park Assist, to hands-free parallel-park your vehicle. Rather than circling the block to avoid parallel parking, impress your date by simply pulling up to the spot, taking your hands off the steering wheel and letting the vehicle do the work. It's magic.

Invest in your relationship...not the gas pump:

  • According to a recent survey of married or cohabitating couples by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 27 per cent of respondents say disagreements over finances are most likely to erupt into an argument, ahead of arguments over children, chores, work, and friends. With money already such a thorny subject, why add fuel to the fire?

  • Ford Ecoboost engines feature fuel-saving technology, such as turbochargers, direct-injection and variable valve timing to deliver up to a 20 per cent gain in fuel economy. So, why not spoil your sweetheart with the money you save?

Make a true connection:

  • Ford's voice-activated SYNC technology lets you easily connect any mobile device to your vehicle, so pre-prepare a romantic music playlist on your MP3 player featuring your better half's favourite songs. Barry White, anyone?

  • Should uncomfortable moments of silence arise, you can also keep your date occupied in the passenger seat thanks to constant connectivity from Ford's Wi-Fi hotspot. Shakespeare's sonnets should do the trick.

Tame your wandering eye:

  • When you have the person you love beside you, you may find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Ford's Lane Keeping Assist can help. With the use of a small camera behind the windshield, the system detects when a vehicle drifts too close to lane markings, delivering an alerting vibration in the steering wheel. The lane-keeping aid then steers the vehicle to the centre of the lane...and safely back onto the road to love.

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