Saturday, February 2, 2013



Shopping for a Protest

Wal-Mart has always sold farmed Atlantic salmon

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ccording to some media reports Friday, an anti-salmon feedlot group, led by frequent protestor Eddie Gardner, were banging the drum outside Wal-Mart last week.


We have to ask ourselves, what part of this makes sense when they are on reserve land protesting against a store that Squiala wanted there to begin with?


Wal-Mart has sold farmed Atlantic salmon long before Eagle Landing was around. Either they knew it, or they didn't. And if not, the band should have researched the ethical practices of the store before they invited them onto the reserve. Then they could have had concessions built-in to any lease contract.


Now, long after the fact, they want to tell the store what it can and cannot sell. The community and businesses get dictated to enough already. What's next? Old growth wood product protests at Home Depot?


The fight isn't with Wal-Mart in some obscure parking lot. It's with Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Ottawa.


It's one thing to sell farmed salmon, but an entirely different thing buying it. There are plenty of things in stores that aren't great for long-term health like chips and pop. So, why single out one item?


It is conceivable that it was a simple matter of convenience and they all went shopping after the protest.



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