Thursday, February 21, 2013


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International Sign Language

Sawatzky's Imagination Corp wants you to sign-on to help them be #1

Released by Dan Sawatzky, Imagination Corp./Voice file photos


ere's a chance for Chilliwack to gain international recognition. Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation has long been recognized as a world leader in the dimensional sign business.


Dan and his small team of creative people do some pretty cool projects including huge attractions at West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America in Minnesota and a host of other places.


Locally their signs are landmarks. Familiar projects include Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf, 'Scoops' Kelmor's unique sign, the giant rubber duck sign at the waterpark in Bridal Falls and of course their unique house in construction on the main drag in Yarrow.

One of their recent projects is currently in second place in an international sign contest. It is people's choice however, voted in an online survey. Perhaps (Voice readers) could show their civic pride and give the voting a boost in Chilliwack's favor.

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