Sunday, February 17, 2013


Parking Lark

People getting sick of hospital parking problems

Staff/Voice file photo


The staff parking lot at Abbotsford Regional Hospital sits empty gathering moss in this 2010 photo, while on the other side of a row of hedges, drivers circle waiting for a spot to open in the public pay parking.


ocal print media has quoted BC NDP leader Adrian Dix as saying that he'd take a look at the question of pay parking at hospitals.


In December 2010, the Voice covered this issue regarding Abbotsford Regional Hospital. See Robbing the Sick Blind.


Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) staff parking is a huge problem. Have you ever tried to park near CGH? Just wait outside the hospital and see how many staff park in spots meant for the public on the street.


Soon, another medical office will be at Mary St. and Hodgins Ave. creating even more parking problems. As it is now,  interlopers at the hospital park in the office lot across the street after business hours.


The Fraser Health Authority board of directors will need to take the issue of staff and patient parking a lot more seriously than they have been. They will need to have a sit-down with stakeholders, CGH hospital directors, and the City of Chilliwack, and figure out what they're going to about it.


If the current board doesn't have the foresight to plan for proper parking, then get a new board.



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