Friday, February 22, 2013


Blowin' the Blues

Paul Pigat & Harpdog Brown play Bozzini's Feb 23

Released by Mano, Bozzini's Rest.


hese two stellar artists team up for the first time ever to put on a duo show at Bozzini's Upstairs on Saturday Feb 23.


You'd never think it to look at Paul Pigat, aka Cousin Harley but behind that unassuming grin and underneath those Doc Watson glasses lurks one of the most restless, combustible musical imaginations ever crammed like so much canned heat into a single body.


Blessed with a jazz man's sheen, a rockabilly heart and a hobo's soul, there aren't many genres of music that don't pull at Pigat's wayfaring imagination like a magnet.


In many ways, it's a mystery why ...Paul Pigat isn't a household name yet. Maybe he'd be a lot easier to pin down if he wasn't so darn good at so many different things.

Having been in the business as a touring, and recording artist for over thirty years, Harpdog Brown has shared the stage with such greats as Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Pinetop Perkins, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, The Powder Blues Band, Willie MacCalder, Jack de Keyzer, Fathead, Donald Ray Johnson, and the late Dutch Mason to name a few. Harpdog Brown is one of Canada’s truly gifted blues artists.

He’s a lifer in the world of musical gypsies, travelling near and far to share his substantial talents in story and song.A gifted singer and an imaginative harp player, he brings traditional blues into the 21st century.

With six CDs under his belt, working with two different duos as well as with his band The Bloodhounds, the Dog puts his individual stamp on everything he does.- Harpdog Brown's latest recording "Naturally" was voted #1 Canadian Blues Album of the year by the Blind Lemon Blues Top 20 of 2011.

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Hours: Open daily 11 A.M. to Midnight

45739 Hocking Ave  Chilliwack, BC V2P 6Z6

For reservations call (604) 792-0744


About Bozzini's Restaurant

Since day one, the Asprakis family, John, Helen, and son Emmanuel (Mano) have been welcoming Chilliwack residents and visitors to the Fraser Valley to Bozzini's Restaurant on the corner of Yale Rd. and Hocking Ave. in Chilliwack.

Possessing an eclectic menu and a warm atmosphere that appeals to families, single diners, couples on a date, friends out for a late night snack, or business associates having a quick lunch, Bozzini's hit the ground running on April 18, 1982 and serves approximately 100,000 guests a year.

We feel that no matter what the current economic climate might be, people just want a good meal at a fair price, not gimmicks. That's why you will not see us in any coupon books or advertising in discount flyers and mail outs.

Virtually all our menu items are made in house. Our famous half pound burgers are prepared fresh daily, our triple A steaks cut in house, even our bbq sauce and Caesar salad dressing is made with the same recipe we started with back in 82. As you can tell this is not your typical chain restaurant.


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