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The Big Lie

MacAhonic says BC Liberals fudging figures

Released by Patti MacAhonic, Chilliwack riding NDP candidate


his week's Liberal budget is not balanced and it fails to meet the needs of Chilliwack families and business, says NDP candidate Patti MacAhonic.


"The Liberals want to pretend this is a balanced budget, but in fact it's a bogus budget," she said

"It is based on unrealistic and unsustainable assumptions. Furthermore, it has been reported that similar to the nearly 17 million of tax payers' dollars that are being spent on the current Liberal job ads, another 4 million of our tax payer dollars are going to be spent to try to convince the public that this budget is balanced. People in Chilliwack and BC are smart, they can see that this is an election ploy, a waste of money that could be used in many areas, this is clearly an insult to the public intelligence."

According to MacAhonic, this is a repeat of 2009 pre-election when the Liberals claimed to have a modest deficit and deliberately chose not to inform people about the HST.

"What we received was a massive deficit and a sales tax increase the Liberals promised they wouldn't bring in and now our small business is having to absorb the consequences."

MacAhonic says Chilliwack families and business are paying the price for Liberal mismanagement. "While they spend millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan ads, ordinary people are paying more for medical premiums, hydro, and other essentials. These priorities are backwards."

She insists Adrian Dix and the NDP will invest in skills training, seniors care, and cost effective programs to fight climate change.

"We plan on moving forward with practical steps to change B.C. for the better."


Change For the Better, One Practical Step at a Time


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