Saturday, February 2, 2013


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New online Fraser Valley Fish Stream Atlas

Released by Rob Knight, Community Mapping Network


new online tool showcasing the streams and waterways throughout the Fraser Valley has been launched.


The Fraser Valley Watersheds Atlas includes updated stream locations, fish distribution, and habitat information for the region. The Atlas is being hosted by the Community Mapping Network and is currently the featured atlas on their website

An earlier version of the Fraser Valley Habitat Atlas was produced in 2002, but after ten years it has become outdated. You'd think that streams don't change much over time, but they do, sometimes on their own, sometimes as a result of land development, states Rob Knight, Director for the Community Mapping Network.


There has also been a lot of watershed data collected over the past ten years, and it is important to update the atlas and make it available to everyone. The purpose of the new watersheds atlas is to convey information to the public on fish and watersheds and to help decision-making so that accidental impacts to sensitive habitats can be avoided.

The Fraser Valley Watersheds Atlas update was coordinated through a partnership involving the Community Mapping Network, the Fraser Valley Regional District, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition, with funding support from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.

Anyone interested in fish or watersheds in the Fraser Valley are encouraged to visit the Community Mapping Network's interactive web maps as well as the website for the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition  to learn more.



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