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Unleash Your Life

Next Mastermind group session Feb 28

Submitted by Mimi Nelson, Yarrow


isions Unleashed Coaching focuses on you and the life skills it takes to have a fabulous life, business, relationship and/or peace in your life! Please call or email me to reserve your seat...then forward this on to others you know who also desire a fabulous life!

Through weekly coaching (groups, couples or one-on-one), individuals learn, practice and field test skills such as:

•  Boundaries
•  Feedback
•  Decision making
•  Empathy (self and others)
•  Self awareness
•  Values
•  Goals
•  Speaking/listening
•  Financial mgmt
•  Much, much more!

All the skills you wish you’d learned in high school or your early 20’s are available to learn now and enjoy connections with people you may have only dreamed about having.
I am Coach Mimi and have been coaching for almost 5 years. I live, teach and breath life skills and empower others to do the is my Purpose! Finding out what is your purpose will also come up in coaching.
Sometimes, explaining what coaching is doesn’t help. It’s like explaining to someone who has never been in love what the experience is like. Call me for a Discovery Session which I will gift to you so you have a chance to experience coaching...I will not leave you the same!
Here are the results you can expect:

  1. Realize you aren’t broken, unlovable, unforgivable, or invaluable

  2. Let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying around about your perceived failures

  3. Be able to make conscious, well thought out decisions based on your values for life or business

  4. Release shame, blame and guilt for what you think you haven't done right

  5. Begin to value self care (YES...even business owners need this!)

  6. Know you have value regardless of your past thoughts, feelings or actions

  7. Have or know how to get everything you need

  8. MYOB = mind your own boundaries

  9. Clear sense of your relationships with others (personal or professional) and their purpose

  10. Be aware of stress triggers and how to eliminate them

  11. Remove tolerations and experiment with personal evolution

  12. Be happy!


MASTERMIND GROUPS: (Next one starts February 28!)
•  Meet weekly with a total of 5 people.
•  Introduce a series of life skills topics (some are listed above but I have 36+ topics!!) to increase members’ growth.
•  Provide tools, resources and techniques to increase growth rate.
•  Explore personal topics related to the individual needs of the members present.
•  Provide a strong, trusted panel of diverse individuals offering “insider support”.
•  Develop inspired personal plans to move through challenges.
COACHING (Couples/One-on-One):
•  Meet weekly in person or over the phone by yourself (couples are coached separately).
•  Introduce a series of life skills topics to increase your growth.
•  Provide tools, resources and techniques to increase growth rate.
•  Explore personal topics related to your individual needs.
•  Develop inspired personal plans to move through challenges.
•  Plus much more!

Mastermind groups are $249.00 + HST; coaching one-on-one is $600 + HST
In Chilliwack at Decades Coffeehouse on Wellington.

Call me now to reserve your seat!!

Coach Mimi, Life & Business Coach
Creator of 'Rescue Your Relationships: 7 Steps to Salvaging Your Intimate Partnerships' and
'Focal Point: Business Foundations for Success'
Visions Unleashed Coaching
Tel: (604) 791-1628 |


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