Monday, February 4, 2013


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Dirty Dishes Done Dirt Cheap

Community connects to care for elders

Released by Al Hunt, Mt Cheam Lions


hen the seniors ĎTime Outí program shut down, Mount Cheam Lions Club decided to find a way to make a difference. The seniors in the community missed the drop-in program and the Mount Cheam Lions Club Hall, the old Riding Club Hall, was available.


The Lions decided to have a program of games and a hearty lunch one day a week.  It is still going very well every Tuesday.   When the Lions decided that a Thursday program was also needed, they quickly realized they would have to find some extra help. The club just didnít have the available expertise to take on the second day by itself.


The community has really come through. So many different parts of the community have become involved. UFV Culinary Arts Program helps by providing a healthy lunch.  The students figure out the menu and prepare the meal to be picked up by the Lions.


Students from the local High Schools bring their enthusiasm for a few hours each day.  Both Teens and Seniors find benefit it this arrangement.  The students help with serving meals and the games programs and the afternoon craft sessions.  AndÖ they do the dishes.  I wonder if their Momís know just how cheerfully they do that chore.


The Handy Dart is available for those seniors who donít have other means of getting to the hall.


Even the Wooden Toy Makers lend a hand.  The scraps from some of their projects can become inspiration for the seniors craft projects.


If there are seniors who would like to join the Thursday events give Mt Cheam Lions , Helena (604-391-1233) or Marjorie (604-795-9006) a call.


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