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Orders in Court

Hang-glider pilot faces new charge in Mt. Woodside death

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William Jonathan Orders appeared in court Monday. Below, Crown Prosecutor Carolyn Kramer speaks with reporters outside the Chilliwack courthouse.

illiam Jonathan Orders, 50, ran past reporters and TV news crews on his way to court in Chilliwack on Monday to face an Obstruction of Justice charge, and a newly added charge of Criminal Negligence Causing Death, in a hang-glider incident April 18, 2012 that claimed the life of Lenami Godinez-Avila on Mt. Woodside near Agassiz.

Orders was piloting the craft, when less than a minute after taking off, Avila came out of the harness and fell about 300m to her death.

The Obstruction of Justice charge came about after Orders admitted he consumed the on-board camera memory card. He was held in jail for about a week, until police had recovered it.

Chilliwack Crown Prosecutor Carolyn Kramer told reporters outside the courthouse afterward, that they provided details of the negligence charge to Order's lawyer Laird Cruickshank, who was over an hour late for court.

Orders was slated to be in court next on April 12th, however that was date was bumped ahead to  March.

"With this disclosure, he'll come back in three weeks and he'll decide what his election will be; whether it will stay in provincial court or go to the supreme court," she said. "Right now, we're not sure if we'll be proceeding with those dates in April or not."

Kramer said she anticipates Orders will be making a few more courtroom appearances before the actual trial begins.

Orders, who lives on Fulwell St. in Burnaby, was released on $5,750.00 bail.


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