Thursday, February 7, 2013


BC Politics

Electoral Reform Moves Ahead

MLA John van Dongen lauded for wanting to nix corp donations

Released by Dermod Travis, IntegrityBC


ntegrityBC commends Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington, Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson and Abbotsford South MLA John van Dongen for their six-point agenda for democratic reform, including changes to B.C.'s electoral finance law and the Election Act.

On Wednesday, the three Independent MLAs announced their plan to to improve the democratic process in B.C.

“It must be getting very lonely for B.C. Liberal party as the only political party opposed to reforming B.C.'s antiquated electoral finance laws,” said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis. “The BC NDP, all three Independent MLAs seeking re-election, the BC Conservative party, the BC Green party and BC First are all committed to ensuring that votes count louder than chequebooks.”

IntegrityBC noted that in Vancouver all four major parties support comparable measures at the local level, including the NPA.

The organization underlined that reforming B.C.'s electoral finance law to ban corporate and union donations is not a step towards public allowances for political parties. B.C.'s political parties are currently subsidized via a tax credit for donors.

Due to the various stakes and competing interests, IntegrityBC advocates that a Citizens' Assembly or an independent panel be appointed to review various approaches and viewpoints before making recommendations to the government on this and other electoral issues at both the local and provincial levels.

Dermod Travis is the executive director of IntegrityBC.



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