Thursday, February 21, 2013


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Park Board Cams

Public can now stream meetings online

Released by Sacha Peter, Chair CLPB/Video grab


ublic meetings of the Cultus Lake Park Board are now accessible electronically via streaming video from the Cultus Lake Park website.

The Park Boardroom has been fitted with audio video equipment, and the first ever broadcast (of the February 13 meeting) was posted for viewing on February 15, 2013. The streaming video can be accessed at on the Government tab, Park Board link. Audio/Video coverage of public Board meetings will be posted online the day after (or as soon afterwards as possible).

The Boardroom also has guest WiFi to provide meeting goers with access to the web based agenda packages through their use of iPads, tablets, smartphones and other portable electronic devices. This use of current technology is in keeping with the Park’s respect for natural resources and should save money by reducing the amount of paper and staff time used to produce hard copy documents.

Creating the test video was a learning opportunity for staff, working manually behind the scenes to switch between four mounted cameras to capture the best vantage point to view the person speaking. Audio and lighting levels will be adjusted for maximum effect as the process is perfected.

Cultus Lake Park Board and staff thanks Myriad IT Solutions for a cost effective solution and support for this progressive communication venue. Staff continues to investigate and implement methods to maximize communication and transparency with leaseholders, and provide access to current affairs and information.

Alternatively, fnd the latest meeting link here.



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