Sunday, February 17, 2013

Veteran's News

Layoffs and Payoffs

'See you in court' a costly mentality for taxpayers

Submitted by Joe Beauchene, MMM CD, Ret. MWO, Chilliwack


ast Wednesday, February 13th 2013, Minister Of National Defence Peter MacKay, made a statement concerning the legal fees for the SISIP Long Term disability class action suit.


The Veterans won this case some months ago at the Federal Court Of Appeals. 


Yet, the long drawn out battle continues into its 7th year because of final legal arguments, such as legal fee responsibilities by Government.

Now that Government have lost this class action law suit, they are now suddenly crying foul that the legal fees are excessive. They are over the top because Government created this situation with its continual and shameful "see you in court" attitude. For years, government lawyers have fought, delayed and dragged out this case, every single step of the way. Instead of standing up for veterans, the Government has stood down.

If Mr. MacKay has complaints about excessiveness, maybe he should have mentioned the lavish wages, and the over the top expense accounts these so called honourable senators enjoy. The majority of these senators cannot hold a candle to a veteran with regards to serving their country, yet they are provided with lavish expense accounts and are treated like royalty. The kicker is, these senators do absolutely nothing for the betterment of our democracy. The government appears to have no problem supporting this red herring chamber annual operating budget of approximately $900 million dollars a year. Yet at the same time, the they do everything possible to swindle our veterans out what they are absolutely and legally entitled to.

Canadians were told, budget restraint was paramount for Canada's economic survival. This action has resulted in thousands of people suddenly losing their jobs and has virtually left every government department operationally challenged. It appears hardship is expected by all, except for the sacred MP pension plan and the Senate's excessive operating budget. It is obvious that budgetary restraint simply does not apply to Parliament or the Upper Chamber.

Its time to lay off the Senate and pay off the Veteran.


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