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Make, Bake & Take

May to Oct seasonal market looking for  sponsors and cool vendors

Submitted by Consuelo Floystrup, Chwk


he Eco Market is already working on setting up events for 2013 and creating new unique features such as fishing lessons for kids.


We are hoping to provide KidsYoga, Family Zumba and Musical Entertainment along with other fun family oriented activities such as organic face painting and magic shows!

Sponsors have a 10'x10' space at the market. Kids Yoga, Family Zumba and Music sponsors would have a stall for the season.

We are also looking for Theme Nights sponsors who can choose from one of the themes we have created in the past, or feel free to pick your own. Sponsorship is first come, first served.

The season will go from May 1st to October 2nd - 4 pm to 8 pm (or dusk) every Wednesday night at Sardis Park.

New vendors, music and family-friendly entertainers are welcome.

Vendor stall fees are $20 x 23 (for the whole season), $25 x 12 (for 1/2 season) and $30 casual/drop in. Space is limited. To be a vendor you must make, bake, grow your products or provide a eco-friendly, recreational or fitness service. No multi-level marketing.

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