Thursday February 2, 2012


Living The Fairy Tale

Find the strong points in your relationship and build on them

Released by Teya Graves, Teya Graves MH CHt., Chilliwack


o you remember when you first fell in love and felt mesmerized by your beloved? Can you remember how dreamy and calm and happy you felt when you thought of your beloved? New love is so refreshing.


It can feel like being under a spell because that is how dreamy it feels and it is hard to really focus on anything else. 


After a while the spell seems to wear off and responsibilities met and unmet begin to take over. Extended families and finances eventually got you out of that dreamy, blissful state and before you knew it, your beloved became a pain in the butt. Yes?


Children crying, deadlines at work, a partner who doesn’t take care of their physical appearance as much anymore, personal feelings of inadequacy and cleaning up the dog’s poop all contribute to the fading of the fairytale love story. People slowly, over the years, get into ruts and think of the love that once was and sometimes wonder what happened.  How could such a deep love turn into so much work?


We have so many responsibilities. Our brain alone has many functions. It runs our eyes, heart and lungs and tells all of our muscles to move and work together. We have a conscious mind that thinks in words and tells us all the things we need to do and points out the things we did wrong and makes plans and looks for problems and solutions. The conscious mind can be very critical. This is what gets us to make change. It is also, the part of us that repeats unwanted criticisms over and over to ourselves.


The subconscious mind is a little different. 


The subconscious, mainly listens to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind does not think in words.  It thinks in a form of primal protection. When the subconscious keeps hearing the conscious critical mind say things like, “she is such a bitch,” or “he doesn’t care about our family,” then it eventually turns those passing criticisms into something that FEELS like it needs protection. The subconscious mind searches for proof that the partner is bad.  It searches for excuses to find a way out. We always find what we look for, whether we look for the good or whether we look for the bad.


It is possible to teach the intelligent, powerful and creative subconscious mind to reignite the passion and focus more completely on the gifts and strengths of the partner. 


The subconscious mind, with a little help, can overlook the “flaws” and can clearly see how hard the other partner is working. You can see what was unseen. 


It is also possible to train the subconscious mind to be naturally and effortlessly focused on improving conscious communication. Just imagine if the subconscious minds of both halves of your relationship, created better conscious, supportive, communication. Just imagine if it was natural and easy for both of you to express yourselves lovingly. Imagine naturally believing that you both are deeply focused on the love and success of your relationship and how that changes the tones of your discussions.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is the most profound way to change your mind on a deep subconscious level. A clinical hypnotherapist will guide your intelligent mind to relax your conscious, critical thoughts. It is very similar to watching a very good movie. Your critical, busy thoughts are turned off and you hear a story. Much like watching a good movie, your subconscious mind is more engaged and your critical mind is turned off.  This allows the messages to get to the subconscious. This is why we cry when we watch movies. The subconscious mind is getting the message.


In hypnotherapy, you will relax a little more than watching a movie. Your subconscious mind will finally be able to absorb the messages you want to hear and I wonder if Valentine’s day will be a good reason to want to absorb some good messages to improve your relationship.


At Lakeside Hypnotherapy in Chilliwack, you will add more joy to your most valuable relationship with a session for couples. Both of you will come to your session together and enjoy the benefits to your wonderful relationship.


Choose one of the following sessions then call to book your appointment:

  • Improve Supportive Communication

  • Rebuild Trust

  • Increase Passion and Joy

  • Increase Appreciation for your Family


Regular price for sessions are $90

February Valentine’s Special $70 for both of you together

Early Bird special $50 if booked before Valentine’s Day



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