Thursday February 2, 2012

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Owl Assault Begins

Tamihi Logging pushes road into heart of previously protected area

Released by Chilliwack River Valley Ratepayers


amihi Logging, with the nod from the BC Liberal Government, is rushing to cut down over 100 hectares of 140 year old forest that was designated Wildlife Habitat area for the last few remaining Spotted Owls in BC.

The Spotted Owls have been driven to near extinction in BC due to over logging of old growth forests.  This  “protected” forest near Chilliwack Lake, took 140 years for mother nature to build, but will be decimated in about 3 weeks worth of work, once the cutting starts in earnest.

Over this last week of January 2012, Tamihi Logging began cutting a road into the 140 year old Owl Forest.  Locals are fearful the cutting of the entire forest could begin any day now that the road access has proceeded.

The Wilderness Committee, Post Creek residents, CRV Ratepayers and others,  are urgently appealing to everyone to immediately call your MLA and write to the Premier, asking for an immediate halt to the logging of spotted owl old-growth forest habitat near Chilliwack Lake.

Write your Letter to Premier Kristy Clark by clicking here

Wilderness Committee Campaign, visit:

For information about the Chilliwack River Ratepayers and the spotted owl, visit:


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