Wednesday February 29, 2012

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NDP Office Open

Dix and O'Mahony roll up their sleeves for Chilliwack campaign 

Released by Michael Roy, NDP/Voice photo


ith a crowd of nearly 100 people in attendance, BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix and Chilliwack-Hope Candidate Gwen O'Mahony opened the NDP campaign office in Chilliwack on Sunday.


"Our office is now open and the campaign is in full swing, and weıre hearing from voters on the doorstep that they're angry and frustrated with the BC Liberal Government," said Gwen O'Mahony.

"People in the Fraser Valley and Canyon are tired of long court delays that let accused criminals go free, they're tired of driving hours for medical care they canıt get at home, theyıre tired of seeing their Hydro bills and MSP premium go up year after year."

O'Mahony notes that BC Liberal neglect of the Fraser Valley and Canyon has led to 109 court cases being dismissed due to long delays.

"Families in the Valley and the Canyon are tired of being taken for granted. It's time that this constituency had an MLA who will stand up for our values, and work to strengthen our communities," said O'Mahony.

"Voters want to send the Liberals a message by voting NDP on Election Day."

The Chilliwack-Hope seat has been vacant since January when the area MLA stepped down.

"The Legislature has been sitting for two weeks, and people in our communities have not had a voice at the table," concluded O'Mahony. "It's time for the Premier to call this by-election to make sure that we have a voice in the BC Legislature."



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