Wednesday February 8, 2012


You Gotta Believe!

Sheryl Stanton the first inspirational speaker in new series February 15

Submitted by Mimi Nelson, Yarrow BC


ine years ago, almost overnight, Sheryl Stanton became bedridden for three months. She suffered exhaustion to the point where it was almost too much effort for her even to breathe!


For many years before her stress-related illness, Sheryl had experienced multiple levels of stress on a daily basis:

  • Mother of six children: five born within six years, with the fourth child being severely handicapped.

  • Foster mother for 3 special needs children for 5 years.

  • Lived for seventeen years with the financial stress of an insecure income.

  • Worked part time as a nurse and in various home-based businesses while trying to care for home and family.

  • Negative belief system about personal worth and capability that did not allow personal peace, joy or satisfaction with life.

Sheryl was no stranger to the overwhelming stress that mothers can feel. Another aspect of her stress was being the caregiver to a seriously handicapped child, who later died at the age of seven.

Sheryl wasn't aware of how stressed she was. She just lived each day  the best she could; doing what had to be done. Until that one memorable day when her body could no longer cope and just shut down. She spent  three months either in bed or on the couch.

Doctors and conventional medicine could do nothing to help Sheryl. Unwilling to accept that she would have to adjust to a limited lifestyle at the age of 45, she started searching for answers.

Finding no answers in Conventional Medicine, Sheryl's search started her on an extensive eight year study of many different modalities in Alternative Health and Energy Medicine.

As you can see, many women believe in support from each other as part of our overall and personal success. I hope to see you join in and hear what an inspired woman can do when she has a mission!

This event is by donation (minimum $10) to benefit men & women through the Ann Davis Transition Society.

See Twyla Johnson March 14 - Our passions are within us; take your journey with eyes wide open. On April 18 see Shannon Tressel - Single, but not alone. On May 16 see Nan Berkhout - Believing in myself changed my life.

Contact Coach Mimi with any questions or comments via e-mail here or call her at: 604-791-1628


The event takes place at Sutton Realty at 9240 Young Rd.

Coach Mimi, Life & Wellness Coach




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