February 26, 2012

Sunday Papers

Giving A Hoot

Tamihi logging jumping the gun says resident

Submitted by Phil and Betty Belisle, Post Creek Ratepayers Association


e would like to release these letters so the public can be made aware of the complaint we have with the Forest Practices Board against Tamihi logging & Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resources.


 This is our second complaint against Tamihi Logging as you will see by the letters. Tamihi logging and the forest district have not held up to the agreements they made.


A snipped from the agreement with Tamihi.

They are right now logging in the area they agreed not to log until May 1st. This logging is just below the mountain goats winter range. They are causing the goats undue stress. Since the work here commenced 3 weeks ago the goats have not been sighted. The area they are logging right now was is protected area for the Spotted Owl. A spotted owl was seen within 3 kilometers of the logging as recently as September. They have chosen to ignore this and continue with logging.



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